March for Life Marks End of 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign at Warminster Planned Parenthood


March for Life Warminster PP2019

March for Life Participants Gather at Warminster
Planned Parenthood
to Close 40 DFL 2019 Fall Campaign 

On Saturday, November 2nd, pro-life supporters started arriving in the parking lot of Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church, Warminster, PA.  As the number of pro-lifers grew, those who were waiting for the March for Life to begin gathered in prayer. They prayed for the safety and protection of all participants. Among many petitions, one of most importance was an end to abortion in our country.

Before the start of the prayer walk, an elderly man volunteered to carry a white cross. This cross survived the destruction of a large number of crosses that were demolished at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Doylestown.  The March for Life prayer walk started on the church sidewalk and ended at Warminster Planned Parenthood.  As the pro-lifers arrived at the abortion site, they joined others who were standing vigil in front of planned parenthood. A total of 54 men, women and children participated in the March for Life and the prayerful gathering.

Dr. Rob Arner, a theology and ethics professor, is a member of Washington Crossing  Methodist Church.  He shared an enlightening and encouraging message.  His remarks underscored the belief in the sacredness of life of the early church.  A handout, with several writings and quotes from the early church fathers, was distributed.  Rob read each of the early father’s quotes.  Their writings underscored the belief in the sanctity of life and considered abortion an act of murder.  Below is an excerpt of one such writing:

“With us, murder is forbidden once for all. We are not permitted to destroy even the fetus in the womb, as long as blood is still being drawn to form a human being. To prevent the birth of a child is a quicker way to murder. It makes no difference whether one destroys a soul already born or interferes with its coming to birth. It is a human being and one who is to be a man, for the whole fruit is already present in the seed.” (Tertullian, Apology, 9:6-8, about AD 196)

Answering God’s Call and Faithful Pro-Life Servants

Ten years ago, Mary Paris, a sidewalk counselor at Warminster Planned Parenthood, took on the challenge of organizing a 40 DFL prayer vigil.  She enlisted Catholic Church Coordinators to sign up church members to pray for one hour at Warminster PP.  Mary successfully and faithfully served as 40 DFL leader from 2009 to 2018.  She is the Lord’s humble servant and continues to serve Him as a dedicated sidewalk counselor.

In the 2018, Melissa Chapman participated in 40 DFL Fall campaign. She felt the Lord calling her to become actively involved in a 40 DFL campaign at Warminster PP.  Melissa is a busy wife and mother. She also volunteers at A Baby’s Breath, a pregnancy care  center that helps women in a crisis pregnancy.  In answer to the Lord’s call, Melissa successfully organized both the Spring and Fall campaigns of 2019.  A number of Evangelicals, not previously involved in this 40 DFL, joined with Catholics in these prayer vigils. The number of Protestant and Evangelical churches has been increasing with each campaign since 2009.

Many blessings and thanks to all who answered God’s call to serve as organizers of 40 DFL.  We are also grateful to prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors who serve as intercessors at abortion sites throughout the year.  Many lives have been saved due to the dedication of sidewalk counselors. We may never know how many mothers chose life for their babies because of your prayerful presence, but our Heavenly Father knows.

Save the Date! Pennsylvania March for Life Scheduled for May 18, 2020

Below is an announcement from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Coalition for the Pennsylvania March for Life scheduled for next May.  Please add this event to your calendar.  We will be posting more on this as we get closer to this event. 


PA March for Life

Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life in Washington, DC, has announced that they are bringing the March for Life to Pennsylvania on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Mark your calendars now for a rally at the State Capitol in Harrisburg at 11:00 a.m. followed by the March for Life at Noon.

Jeanne said, “Ending abortion in America – and Pennsylvania – will take the effort of every single pro-life person. Each of us must commit to making a difference for the pro-life cause.”

Michael Ciccocioppo, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation said, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with the March for Life on this bold initiative and encourage pro-lifers across the Commonwealth to join us in marching together for LIFE.”

For more information, please click HERE.


You’ll Hardly Believe This True Story

Claire Culwell

from Jeanne Mancini, President, March for Life

If pro-abortion activists want to claim abortion is about women’s rights, what about the rights of women who are killed through abortion every day?

What about women like Melissa Ohden, Gianna Jessen, and Claire Culwell, who narrowly escaped their mother’s abortions with their lives?

Abortion survivor, Claire Culwell, shared her powerful testimony in a live interview.  (View the interview below or on YouTube using this link.)

Each of us has an unrepeatable role to play in building a culture of life.

Thank you for committing to march for the unborn. Your love saves lives!



March with Fellow Pro-Lifers in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The following is from the Facebook post of Dr. Monique Ruberu:

Have you ever wanted to be IN a parade? No… not watching from the side and cheering folks on… actually walking near to the front of the parade waving your banner, waving to the crowds.. pulling your kids in their decorated wagon, handing out stickers etc… AND standing up for the PRO-LIFE CAUSE?!?

Bring the fam and walk with the Pro-Life Union in the awesome downtown Philly St Patrick’s day parade…

Let’s show Philly that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that believe life is precious…

Make your most loving pro-life signs, wear your green hats and gloves and get ready to join us!!!

On March 10th starting at 16th and JFK at 11 am

Contact Pat Stanton at 2677184851
Or contact the Pro-life union of Philadelphia to find out when and where we will meet at

SHARE with your pro-life buddies what an easy way to get involved!!!!”