NJ Board of Medical Examiners Votes to Adopt Abortion Rules Which Will Place Women’s Lives in Danger

Some very sad news from New Jersey.  Please see the information from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life below.  Marie asked that we spread the word about this proposed rule and the extreme, harmful pro-abortion policies of Governor Murphy and his administration. 

The NJ Board of Medical Examiners voted unanimously yesterday to change the rules governing abortion.  As stated in their Press releaseproposed
regulatory changes include:

  • repealing the Termination of Pregnancy rule that singles out abortion care for targeted regulation by, among other things, requiring that all terminations of pregnancy be performed only by a physician, and barring office-based terminations beyond 14 weeks gestation;
  • clearing the path for Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Midwives to perform early aspiration terminations of pregnancy (in addition to medication-based termination of pregnancy, which is already permitted); and
  • updating the regulations to integrate reproductive care within the generally applicable rules designed to ensure the safety of patients who undergo surgery or special procedures in an office setting.

These proposed rules will be posted on-line in the New Jersey Register in the coming months and the public will have a chance to comment on this proposal.

This was obviously a stealth, backdoor plan which commenced with the election of Governor Murphy to adopt an extreme NY-style abortion law to accede to the demands of his abortion supporters.  Contrary to the NJ Board of Medical Examiners’ false assertions, abortion is not a safe procedure and these proposed rules are sure to place women’s lives and health in danger.  Through their actions, the NJ Board of Medical Examiners’ has clearly forfeited their credibility as an independent agency whose paramount responsibility is to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare.  The rules certainly don’t protect women, but instead protect those who  shamefully seek to make a profit off of the bodies of women and the death of innocent children.

We will let you know when the comment period commences. Please spread the word about this proposed rule and the extreme, harmful pro-abortion policies of Governor Murphy and his administration.

Murphy’s Democratic Governors Association Receives $100,000 from Planned Parenthood


The following is a press release from Marie Tasy, Executive Director
New Jersey Right to Life. 

Democrat Governors Association led by NJ Governor Murphy Receives Donation from Planned Parenthood Abortion Business after receiving $20M+ in NJ state budget


MurphyAugust 7, 2020– Today’s NJ Advance Media reports that Governor Murphy helped raise $18.6 million as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) over the last six months.    The article also states that Planned Parenthood donated $100,000 to the DGA.  Given the fact that Murphy has allocated an unprecedented $23+ million in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood in FY 2020 and he is the current Chair of the DGA, the IRS and DOJ should investigate whether taxpayer dollars provided by Murphy and the Democrat-controlled legislature are being funneled through Planned Parenthood to give to Murphy’s DGA.

On June 30, NJ Governor Phil Murphy Signed a Supplemental Appropriation Bill (A3/S20) which allocated $3.814 Million for Planned Parenthood.   Governor Murphy and the Democrat-controlled Legislature previously allocated $20 Million this year to the abortion lobbying group and Governor Murphy planned to allocate another $20 million in the FY 2021 budget to the abortion business.  It should be noted that these taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood are allocated without voter approval.  Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the nation.   They are also a private, non-profit, political organization that financially supports the Governor and many members of the current party in power at election time.

Now, with this new revelation, it appears that there may also be a quid pro quo arrangement with Planned Parenthood to funnel some of the taxpayer money back to Murphy’s DGA which should, at the very least, warrant an investigation by federal and state authorities.

NJ Planned Parenthood Affiliates Once Again Flout the Law – Ordered to Repay Millions from Coronavirus Relief Funds They Were Ineligible For

Once again we see that Planned Parenthood believes they are above the law by applying for and taking  coronavirus relief funds for which they were not entitled. Please see press release below from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life. 

PP of NJPlanned Parenthood is once again trying to steal more money from taxpayers.  At least 37 Planned Parenthood affiliates, including two from New Jersey, who were ineligible for funds from the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program, applied for and received a total of $80 million from the coronavirus relief fund.

Among them are two Planned Parenthood affiliates from New Jersey.   Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which is their parent company, has more than 600 employees.  They took the money even though the loans prohibited organizations with more than 500 employees to apply for the funds.

According to reports released by the Small Business Association (SBA) this past week, Planned Parenthood of Northern and Central New Jersey in Morristown received $2-5 Million and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey based in Newark, which received $1-2 Million.

SBA sent Planned Parenthood a letter stating that their 49 affiliates were ineligible for the loans.  A group of 27 Republican U.S. Senators subsequently sent a letter asking U.S. Attorney General Barr to investigate the matter.  As proof that Planned Parenthood knew they were ineligible for funds, the Senators cited a statement by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund that the Small Business Administration could exclude them from the funding.  The penalty for fraudulent loan applications carries civil and criminal penalties.

This is not the first time Planned Parenthood affiliates in NJ have applied for and received taxpayer funds illegally.

Several years ago, the abortion group was found engaging in fraudulent Medicaid activity in New Jersey. The U.S. Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services  uncovered a consistent problem with New Jersey-based family planning clinics run by the Planned Parenthood abortion business. A government audit found that they were improperly billing Medicaid for services that did not qualify as family planning.

An initial audit revealed New Jersey improperly received federal reimbursement at the enhanced 90 percent rate for 160,955 prescription drug claims that were billed as family planning but did not qualify as family planning services. A letter from the Inspector General to New Jersey officials recommended that New Jersey repay $2,219,746 to the federal government.

On Tuesday, June 30, NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed a Supplemental Appropriation Bill (A3/S20) which allocated $3.814 Million in taxpayer funds for Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood sent a letter to legislators demanding that they vote in favor of the bill and warned them that they intend to score the vote.  The bill passed both houses of the Legislature the day before, along mostly partisan lines.  Governor Murphy and the Democrat-controlled Legislature previously allocated $20 Million this year to the abortion lobbying group and Governor Murphy’s FY 2021 proposed budget allocated another $20 million to the abortion business.

“Our state is facing a $2 Billion deficit, businesses have had to shutter their doors, over 1 million NJ citizens are currently unemployed, and so many worthwhile programs are not being funded, yet the shameful money grab by this legislature and Governor Murphy to use our tax dollars to subsidize and boost Planned Parenthood’s abortion business continues unabated,” said NJRTL Executive Director Marie Tasy.

Planned Parenthood is a private, non-profit, political, partisan organization that financially supports the Governor and many members of his current party at election time.

Commenting on this latest scheme to syphon more money from taxpayers, NJRTL Executive Director Marie Tasy, said, “Planned Parenthood should be immediately charged with civil and criminal penalties and ordered to pay the money back immediately.   It is not surprising that Planned Parenthood would use a global pandemic to try to steal more money from taxpayers.  They have proven to be ruthless pro-abortion political advocates that will go to any length to protect their bottom line.”


Important Information for the New Jersey Primary Election

Below is information from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life on the upcoming primary which was rescheduled for July 7th. 

Vote prolife

The Primary Election was moved to Tuesday, July 7, 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. The Election will change primarily to a Vote-by-Mail Ballot system.  Every registered republican and registered democrat in the state will receive a mail-in ballot, while unaffiliated voters will receive a mail-in ballot application.  If you are an unaffiliated voter, your mail-in ballot application must be received by your county clerk by June 30, 2020.

Postage for both ballots and applications will be prepaid, and at least one polling place in each municipality will remain open, provided there are enough poll workers.

To view a list of our PAC’s endorsed/recommended candidates, please go HERE

Take Action to Oppose the use of Aborted Babies in Vaccines for COVID-19

The following is from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of the New Jersey Right to Life.  Please use the links in Marie’s message for more information  and please contact the Trump administration to make sure any vaccine approved for COVID-19 does not use the cells of aborted babies. 


Many pharmaceuticals are presently working to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.  Unfortunately, some are experimenting on the efficacy of using cell lines from aborted babies.

Please read this informative article by Dr. David Prentice and Dr. Tara Sander Lee which provides a host of ethical alternatives that are available now.  There are also many more  in development thanks to NIH directing additional funding to new areas of research.  For coronavirus in particular, there are over 60 potential treatments under investigation.

Please click on the link HERE to urge the Trump Administration to make sure that vaccines for COVID-19 are developed ethically and are free from any connection to the exploitation of abortion.

We are proud to stand with the Catholic Church and other pro-life and faith leaders to promote good, ethical health care that does not involve  the use of aborted babies.

Exploiting a Crisis: Unethical Experiments Undermine Real Help for Coronavirus Patients

The following was sent to me from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life.  It’s a little long, but worth the read. 

Research NJRTL

Below is a very informative article which appeared in today’s Town Hall on-line publication by Dr. David Prentice, who is Vice President and Research Director for the Charlotte Lozier Institute and Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D., a Senior Fellow and Director of Life Sciences for the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

The article describes how some scientists and liberal media sources are again making false claims about the use of aborted fetal tissue in experiments and vaccines to combat COVID-19.  This article provides some very helpful and useful information to counter those claims.

Please stay well and be safe.  Please know that our prayers are with you and your loved ones.

Exploiting a Crisis: Unethical Experiments Undermine Real Help for Coronavirus Patients
by David A. Prentice
Editor’s Note: This piece was coauthored by Tara Sander Lee.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.
Someone once said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” and scientists longing to push aside key ethical boundaries took it to heart. A recent Washington Post article claims possible treatments for coronavirus will not be discovered without using body parts harvested from abortions, and that ethical considerations are blocking potential drugs that could “save hundreds of thousands of lives.”

This is not the first time the doomsayers have been exposed for making false and contemptible statements to justify their questionable experiments. But like so many before it, the latest claim is specious. The coronavirus pandemic provides a convenient opportunity to play on people’s fears.  It’s dishonest and wrong.
Experimentation involving aborted babies’ body parts is controversial for a reason: it is unethical, antiquated science – and it’s totally unnecessary. There is no need whatsoever for its use in development of protections or treatments for the coronavirus or any other disease. Instead of squandering precious taxpayer dollars, we should be optimizing the wide array of modernsuccessful alternatives we already have.

A host of ethical alternatives are available now, and many more are in development thanks to NIH directing additional funding to new areas of research.  For coronavirus in particular, there are over 60 potential treatments under investigation.  Making the conscientious decision not to exploit aborted children’s bodies won’t stop us from fighting coronavirus. Indeed, there is no lack of swift progress with ethical alternatives, including some that have already started clinical trials.
One potential treatment for coronavirus involves the use of a humanized mouse (that is, a mouse with a humanized immune system), but it does not use any aborted baby parts.  This modern version, the VelocImmune mouse, is genetically engineered to produce human antibodies for therapeutic use including arthritis and potential treatment for coronavirus infection.

Repurposing an already-approved drug also shows promise in treating coronavirus.  A drug widely used for malaria is moving particularly fast through the research, development, and clinical trial process, when used alone or in combination with other drugs.

Adult stem cells – which are derived from ethical sources present in the body, not from destroyed embryos – are also delivering results. One type of human adult stem cell has been shown to generate new lung tissue and heal damaged lungs.  In fact, the researchers noted that this adult stem cell type is essential to repairing lung tissue damaged by severe influenza and other respiratory ailments. Another adult stem cell type has already been deployed in China and is improving health outcomes for patients with coronavirus-associated pneumonia.

With so many other successful alternatives available to researchers, pushing experimentation with aborted baby body parts at a time like this, when many people worldwide already feel vulnerable, is petty and ludicrous. The Trump administration’s new policy toward these experiments rightly puts ethics first in considering taxpayer-funded grants to researchers who want to use body parts from elective abortions. This week, HHS is accepting nominations for an Ethics Board to carefully examine the ethics of these research proposals. Between the coronavirus and the administration’s action, the timing of complaints from scientists who want to keep tax dollars flowing to their grisly projects is as unsurprising as it is inappropriate.

These objectors always fail to mention that their experiments don’t just require the intentional and deliberate destruction of human life to get the body parts they so covet – they incentivize it. Often the baby who’s sacrificed can feel pain. Some might even survive outside the womb. This argument gets to the heart of what is right and what is wrong and what should and should not be allowed in the name of science. The fact is, the use of aborted baby body parts for research is never justified or necessary.

David Prentice, Ph.D. is Vice President and Research Director for the Charlotte Lozier Institute. Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D. is Senior Fellow and Director of Life Sciences for the Charlotte Lozier Institute.


Governor Murphy Issues Executive Order halting all Elective Procedures Except Abortion

 Below is an article by Micaiah Bilger  of LifeNews.com  sent to me by Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life. 

For all pro-life warriors in New Jersey: please contact Governor Murphy and demand (politely) that abortion mills follow the same elective procedure guidelines as everyone else.  It’s time the abortion industry realized that they are not above the law!  Contact information for Governor Murphy is included in the article below. 



New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s order Monday banning all elective medical procedures in the state includes an “explicit exemption” for aborting unborn babies.
While much of the country is focused on saving lives, abortion activists and their political allies are still intent on killing them – even while medical resources are scarce and people are dying from the coronavirus.

“Governor Murphy’s executive order exempting abortion during this global pandemic defies logic and is highly irresponsible,” said New Jersey Right to Life Executive Director Marie Tasy. “97% of all abortions are elective procedures and are not medically necessary.”

A press release from Murphy’s office states that all elective surgeries and other medical procedures will be temporarily banned beginning Friday to “preserve the capacity of the health care system” to respond to the coronavirus. The governor’s order states that all medical and dental operations should be delayed unless there is undue risk to the patient’s health.

“Our new reality calls for aggressive action to reduce the burden on our health care system and protect our frontline medical responders,” Murphy said. “Given the dramatic shortfall in personal protective equipment we face, it’s imperative that we work with our partners in health care to strategically preserve supplies and equipment for emergency purposes only.”

However, the governor specifically excluded elective abortions from his order. “Explicit exemption for family planning and termination of pregnancies: The order provides that it shall not be interpreted in any way to limit access to family planning services, including termination of pregnancies,” the press release states.
Tasy said the governor should be focused on saving lives, not aiding the abortion industry.

Click here to sign up for pro-life news alerts from LifeNews.com

“Vital medical supplies and precious resources which already are in short supply need to be preserved for our hospitals and health care workers to be able to fight against COVID-19,” she said. “We call on Governor Murphy to do the right thing by reversing this action immediately so that valuable resources can instead be utilized for urgent health care needs that will actually help save human lives and mitigate human suffering.”

Murphy is not the only one. Pro-abortion Democrat governors in Massachusetts and Washington state also carved out exceptions allowing elective abortions to continue during the coronavirus crisis.

Other governors have issued similar orders limiting non-essential medical procedures, but abortion facilities continue to do abortions there as well. Abortion businesses are still open in California and Pennsylvania, despite their governors’ bans on non-essential medical care. LifeNews reported about similar situations in Illinois, Maine and Puerto Rico last week.
Despite what these Democrat governors claim, almost all abortions are elective. What’s more, they are not life-saving, they are life-destroying. An unborn baby is killed, and its mother’s life is put at risk.

So far, two states have recognized this in their efforts to combat the coronavirus. Both Texas and Ohio included abortion facilities in their bans on non-essential surgeries and procedures. However, Ohio abortion facilities are refusing to comply.

ACTION: Contact Gov. Phil Murphy online, call his office at 609-292-6000 or contact him through Twitter at @GovMurphy.

New Jersey Right to Life Invites All Prolifers to Attend Their January 22nd Rally for Life

Below is information from the New Jersey Right to Life on their annual Rally for Life in Trenton on January 22nd.  A flyer for this event is at the bottom of this post.  Please consider printing it out and distributing to all your pro-life family and friend, and if you live in or around Trenton, NJ, please plan to attend.  (Those who live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania may want to attend this rally as well.)

Trenton Rally for Life

Please note:  Rally will start promptly at 11:00 a.m.  Please plan to arrive on time and dress according to weather conditions.

Bus Information

A bus has been scheduled from Piscataway in Middlesex County to the Trenton rally.  See information on rally flyer. Also, a bus is scheduled from Glen Rock in Bergen County  Contact the organizer at this link: Rally for Life 1.22.2020

Please check back with us periodically or call our office during regular business hours for additional bus information 732 562 0562

Other Rally events:

Fellowship Capital City Church is honored to support the Rally for Life on January 22nd. Please see below for the details.

Ecumenical Pro-Life Service 

  • 10:00 – 10:30 AM
  • Trenton War Memorial Theater: Lafayette Street Entrance
  • 1 Memorial Drive, Trenton, 08608
  • Shuttle over to the Rally for Life available for those needing assistance

Stay Warm at the Rally for Life

  • Please stop by our table for free hot chocolate and hand/foot warmers

Rally for Life Warmup Lunch 

  • Free hot lunch immediately following the Rally
  • Trenton War Memorial Theater: Lafayette Street Entrance
  • 1 Memorial Drive, Trenton, 08608 (two blocks from Rally)
  • Pro-Life Apologetics: Presenting a Compelling Case for Life
  • Learn how to leverage truth and logic to persuade others to the Pro-Life position

Pastor Brennan Coughlin

Fellowship Capital City Church

945 West State Street (offices)

Trenton, NJ 08618



Governor Murphy Signs Bill To Force NJ Taxpayers to Subsidize Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Empire

The following  is a press release from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life, on Governor Murphy signing Bill A5802/S4103 into law adding $9.5 Million in Taxpayer Money to Partisan, Political Organizations, in particularly Planned Parenthood.  



The signing of A5802 last week is a disgraceful money grab by the Majority Party and Governor which will use our tax dollars to circumvent federal law to repay and subsidize a private, non- profit organization who financially supports them at election time.

A5802 will allocate $9.5 Million from the general fund, which is money generated by NJ taxpayers, exclusively to NJ Planned Parenthood affiliates to replace funds they will not be receiving from the Federal Title X Program because they refused to comply with new rules requiring Title X family planning recipients to physically and financially separate their abortion business from their family planning services.

The taxpayers of NJ should not be forced to fund abortion – and make no mistake – that is what this bill will do. Abortion is not healthcare. It is an act of violence that that wounds countless women and brutally and painfully takes the lives of so many innocent children. Poll after poll show that regardless of an individual’s position on this issue, the majority do not want their tax dollars used to fund abortion. That is surely why the majority party and Governor will not seek voter approval on these measures, but instead have sought to act in an autocratic manner to oppress the will of the people.

Presently, no other family planning providers in NJ have announced their refusal to comply besides Planned Parenthood. $10.5 Million in state taxpayer funds was previously allocated in the FY 2020 state budget this past June for NJ Family Planning providers, the bulk of which will be disbursed to the 22 NJ Planned Parenthood affiliates that dominate the League of providers. Bill A5802 will now add another $9.5 Million to that amount.

During the years NJ Planned Parenthood affiliates were not receiving state taxpayer funds, their Annual Reports showed that the entity was more than able to raise its own funds.

According to their 2016 IRS 990 Financial Report which is the most recent report publicly available, Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey’s total revenue including private contributions was $30.5 Million dollars. Their employee salaries totaled $14.9 Million dollars. Their net income after expenses was $4.2 Million.

It is a misnomer to suggest that women will not be able to get their full breadth of health services anywhere but Planned Parenthood. In fact, there are over 100 Federally Qualified Health Centers in NJ which provide a full range of essential health care services to primarily disadvantaged populations. These services include mammogram screenings, prenatal care and a host of other comprehensive health services, including transportation, which Planned Parenthood does not provide.

Planned Parenthood Funding Bill Scheduled for Assembly Vote on November 25th – New Jersey Action Alert!

If you live in New Jersey, please read Marie Tasy’s request below and take the necessary action.  It’s about time we stop funding through out tax dollars the killing machine known as Planned Parenthood.  And please try to make the Rally at the State House in Trenton on Monday, November 25th!  


no tax dollars for pp

from Marie Tasy, Executive Director, New Jersey Right to Life 

The Assembly has scheduled a vote on the Planned Parenthood funding bill, A5802 on Monday, November 25, 2019.

The Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee has not yet scheduled a hearing on the Senate companion bill (A4103), but may do so in December.  Right now, it is critically important that you do the following:

1.  Please call and email your 2 Assembly Members and State Senator to urge them to Vote No on A5802/S4103.  Please do this even if you have contacted them previously.  You can call and email them by clicking on the link here: Vote No on S4103/A5802

You can obtain the names of your 2 Assembly Members by calling the Office of Legislative Services at 1-800-792-8630 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  You will need to provide your town and zip code when calling.     You can also search for your 2 Assembly Members and State Senator by looking up your municipality: Here

2.  Please plan to come down to Trenton on Monday, November 25, 2019.   Planned Parenthood will be there demanding the use of our tax dollars so they can continue to destroy the lives of precious babies and injure women, and we must be there on November 25th as well to oppose and resist this shameful funding scheme.   It is vital that we continue to have a strong presence at the State House on this day to lobby our Assembly Members to Vote No on the bill and let them know we are watching how they vote.   

What You Should Know if You are Coming to the State House on November 25th:

Plan to meet in the State House Cafeteria on Monday, November 25th by 9 a.m.  Bring your photo ID which you will need to go through security at the State House and for parking in the Underground State House Garage.  Inform the security guard(s) that you are there to attend the Assembly Voting Session. For parking locations and directions to the State House, click here

Please remember to be cordial when speaking to legislators even if they disagree with our point of view.  Our message:  Please Vote No on A5802/S4103. I don’t want my tax dollars used to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.  We will provide labels to wear on your clothing.

Please do not engage with proponents of the bill while you are at the State House. I can’t stress this enough. Please remember, we are there to use our valuable time to convince our lawmakers that this bill should be defeated.

I look forward to seeing you in Trenton on Monday, November 25th!  Please help us keep up the pressure on our legislators to Vote No on this bill.   RSVP to feedback@njrtl.org by Friday, November 22nd to let me know if you can join us in Trenton on November 25th.  

Please also mark your calendar and plan to attend our Annual Rally for Life in Trenton on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.  Click here for details and do share with friends and family!