Pro-Lifers Learn the Art Behind Persuasion

“Why did you give up your Saturday to be here?” That was the opening question of Matthew Manion when he began the first ever Art of Persuasion seminar. 50 Pro-Lifers had those words echoed into their mentality at Villanova University. Manion brought his experience in the business world to the seminar and a professor of the academia scene on the mainline campus.

In his presentation, Manion suggests to persuade the 2nd person. That second person is you. It helps that person think of what they can do to get involved with the movement. In order to persuade, Manion suggests three steps.

The first is to ask for what is needed to be accomplished and support in order to achieve that goal.

The second is to compare. Compare what you and the other person want to accomplish. Then, follow it up by how you can help and achieve that goal.

There is a strong link between self-efficacy and success. Simply put it defines the person’s belief and chances of successfully accomplishing a specific task.

In the midst of learning how to persuade other to defend life, those gathered also offered ramps to get others involved with the movement.

“We must provide a way to draw people into the pro-life movement.” Manion challenging those gathered.

Some suggestions varied to making blessing bags used during prayer vigils, having a holy hour for life, pregnancy support centers, and even a movie night.

Juid Neeld and Kim Savage, the first missionaries of Generation Life close out the seminar with a presentation.

Savage shared how she gave a presentation to a group of high school students at Bishop Shanahan High School and had thoughts about how she might’ve not delivered her message well. However, years later a young woman who sat in the audience told her how she was in a promiscuous relationship and after hearing Kim broke up with her boyfriend.

Judi took a leap of faith when first invited to pray in front of Philadelphia Women’s Center on Saturday. She thought it was a struggle, but she knew she had to be there for the women going into the abortion facilities.

“We must change hearts on the front lines” Judi Neeld.

Matthew Manion