Who Can You Bring?

Over the weekend, Dr. Monique Ruberu continues to issue a call to action to everyone in the Philadelphia area and its surrounding suburbs to participate in the sidewalk servant campaigns that fill the void between 40 Days for Life Vigils.

If we look around in our friend circles, family circles, work circles, prayer groups, book clubs, kids sports teams, etc, etc I guarantee you every one of us can pick out at least 1 or two people that we could ask to join us in covering an hour outside the abortion centers.

Maybe you could first invite them to see “unplanned” with you… then when they are maximally motivated to provide them with the opportunity to join you in an hour of prayer.

Maybe your friends have already seen the movie… and they are just waiting for someone to invite them… can that someone be YOU?

If you are on this list, at some point in the past several years you have volunteered at least 1 hour of your time… now that you KNOW the importance of being out there, and you have experienced what it is like.. you have the power to share that with others.

An amazing prayer warrior Tammi McCarthy approached me after watching the Gosnell Movie last night… She said “My children love hearing stories about how people went out of their way to help the Jewish people during that genocide… how they would feed them, hide them, smuggle them out of the detainment camps… One day when my grandchildren ask me what I did during the genocide of abortion, I want to be able to assure them that I was there on the front lines… praying for and offering help to every one of those mothers. ”

She went on to say that her daughter came to pray with her at the abortion center, she asked if they kill babies there every day and Tammi told her “yes”…she responded with such wisdom… “WHY AREN’T WE HERE EVERY DAY THEN???”

Tammi has decided to cover the hours of 9-12 twice a month with her family. This is such a huge help and really reduces the burden on Pat and myself to fill these hours. I am so grateful.

SO we will do everything in our power to continue the coverage… to continue covering every hour that these places are open..  87 hours a week… that’s all it is to cover every hour downtown where 10,000 babies are killed each year.  87 people to cover 1 hour each, or 44 people to cover 2 hours each …  we have several hundred people on this list, and in Philadelphia, there are thousands of prolifers who are not engaged in this yet… but YOU can invite them.

Please help us fill the remainder of the upcoming week and consider taking a spot weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Monday 4/15: 12th and locust: 9,10,12,1,2,4

Tuesday 4/16:

12th and loc: 8,9,10,11,1,2,3

777 appletree: 2

Wed 4/17:

12th and loc: 11, 1,2,4

777 appletree: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2

Thurs 4/18:

12th and loc: 11,12,1,2,3,4

777 appletree: 8,10,2

Fri 4/19:

12th and loc: covered =)

777: 12,2

Sat 4/20: covered at both locations =)

For more information regarding sidewalk servants or to start one in your area, visit here: Sidewalk Servants

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Please join the Northeast Philadelphia Pro-Life Community at the 8:00 AM Mass on the First Saturday of every month to be held at St. Katherine of Siena Church. Following the Mass, we invite you to participate in a 45-minute Rosary Vigil at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility at Comly Road and the Roosevelt Boulevard.

We have selected the First Saturday of each month to pray for the end to abortion in fulfillment of the Blessed Mother’s request for acts of reparation, which she made at Fatima in 1917.

Where: St. Katherine of Siena, 9700 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia 19114

When: First Saturday of every month – 8:00 AM

Rosary Vigil: Planned Parenthood, 2751 Comly Road, Philadelphia 19154

2018 Abortion Statistics for Southeast Pennsylvania

Crying baby.jpgIn a recent email Mike McMonagle, President of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania,   reminds us how important our prayerful presence is needed at our local abortion mills.

Below is that portion of his email, the statics from the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia  showing the abortions committed in our area as well as a link to a post from Mickey Kelly showing the hours of operation for these abortion mills.  We all have very busy schedules, but I encourage all to take some time to pray and give witness at one of these places.  We know by the attachment the number of babies killed at these centers, but we may never know the number of babies whose lives were saved by our prayerful witness.

‘As a stark reminder of the need for our prayers and presence at our area abortion chambers, I am attaching a copy of the Pa. Department of Health abortion statistics for the first three quarters of 2018.  (These numbers do include chemical abortions, which are now approximately 40% of the abortions committed in our area and State.)  These numbers indicate that the number of abortions at our area abortion chambers has increased over 2017, with the only decline occurring at PP’s Comly Road abortion chamber in Northeast Philadelphia.’

PLU Abortion By Facility In SEPA 2018
Abortion Facility Hours in the Greater Philadelphia area

Baby Save #3 in Philadelphia

The 40 Days Campaign has saved their third baby during the current campaign outside of the largest non-Planned Parenthood affiliate in Pennsylvania. The following is an email from Dr. Monique Ruberu that was sent to contacts involved with the campaign. Note: there are hours available this coming week that need to be filled with your love and mercy that must be emptied out to every person you will encounter.

From her email:

Holy Martyrs had taken the day… it was a Friday and things seemed quiet.

On the narrow alley that holds the nursery school next door to the abortion center where 6,000 babies lives are ended each year they stood… quietly… prayerfully… lovingly.

They continued to hope that even one of these mothers would have a change of heart.

She walked up to Bob Gilles…. and she said “I never had the procedure, sir… I changed my mind”  He was too shocked to know how to respond… he never thought this would happen on his watch…Thrilled but shocked!

But it can and does happen because when we show up and cover these people and places with love and prayer hearts and minds change.

God bless all of you for helping,

please join us this week:

Monday 3/18:

12th and locust: 2

Wed 3/20:

12th and Locust: 3

Thursday 3/21:

777 appletree: 1,2

Friday 3/22:

777 appletree: 11,12,1,2

Mon 3/25:

12th and locust: 9,10,11,12,1,2,3,4

Sign up at your local campaign site(s) here: 40 Days Sign Up

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Giving God permission

On Thursday, March 14th, 2019, I answered Monique’s call to fill a last-minute vacant hour outside of Planned Parenthood. That one hour turned into two. As I was going through the daily readings for that day, I realized that the Gospel of Matthew really spoke to me in a profound way. Here’s the full story from Dr. Ruberu, the coordinator of the 40 Days for Life campaign in Center City Philadelphia, who started the first campaign in the fall of 2014.

I began talking to a young man about my age who was waiting for his girlfriend who had an appointment. I opened his eyes on what was happening inside of Planned Parenthood and he was blown away.

Another gentleman saw my our Lady of Guadalupe rosary that my best friend gave me when we were in DC a couple of summers ago. I encouraged him to keep praying for the end of abortion.

My 10 AM had no escorts outside so I had no problem planting seeds by handing out our blessing bags to the women entering the facility.

For the first time, I had people walk past and commend me for being present.

I was later joined by Elaine Coyne. She had a calm and sweet approach to the women and workers coming in and out of PP.

I remember reviewing today’s gospel and it talks about asking and receiving. It turns out someone asked for a blessing bag and she received one. I never realized how rewarding it is to stand and let those who enter know that there is a better option than abortion.

I also recall hearing the story of how St. Teresa said to a newly ordained cardinal. She said to him these three simple words: “Give God Permission”. I felt like I just emptied myself that day and let God just take control of what I was doing by showering his love to everyone.

– so happy Mickey was there to fill one of our last minute hours…as did Joe Paganelli, Elaine Coyne, and Paula Terreri!!! Thank you all so much!

A Praise Report

A few weeks ago, Mary Jo was at 777 providing prayer, love, and resources to all those entering the building and passing by.  A woman came up to her and wanted to give her a “Praise Report”. Mary Jo said, “What?” and the woman repeated, “A Praise Report”

The woman then went on to say that her granddaughter became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion because she couldn’t handle it…

She told her granddaughter that “WE don’t do that…” but the granddaughter still wanted to go ahead with the procedure.

She came with her granddaughter and they went upstairs. The granddaughter watched the film and changed her mind. She decided she didn’t want to do it after all.

She said that day there were a lot of ladies out there praying, and they all prayed together.   The Grandmother then went on to say, “I just want you to know that your being here makes a difference, and whenever I’m in town and I see someone here I come over and tell them.”

She also said that the granddaughter is doing fine, she is very excited about the little baby girl who is due in May.

This occurred 3 weeks before our current vigil started during the sidewalk servants outreach that occurs between the 40 days.

Please remember the wise and beautiful words of this Grandmother. Our presence does matter. Our prayers do make a difference, and most of all our LOVE can change hearts and minds.

Please help us continue to save lives by covering these hours

if you meet a turn away out there always try and get their info so we can support them with a baby shower and we can walk with them if they desire.

Help fill these hours:

Friday 3/15:

12th and locust:4

Monday 3/18:

12th and locust: 2,3

Tuesday 3/19:

12th and locust:9,11,12,1,2,3,4

777 appletree: 12,1,2 (1st timer has signed up need prayer partner for these 3 hours)

Wed 3/20:

12th and locust: 2,3,4

777 appletree: 12

Thursday 3/21:

777 appletree: 12,1,2

Friday 3/22:

777 appletree: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2

Visit here: 40 Days Sign Up

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First-Hand Account from Fall 2018 Campaign at Philadelphia’s Women’s Center

This is the following from the Facebook account of Pete DeMaio, who prayed in front of Philadelphia’s Women Center (777 Appletree Street) several days ago.

Several days ago many moms celebrated the loss of their baby. Babies lost, moms & dads wounded! (Don’t forget dads. We suffer too. We lose a baby but also have to watch our love, our wives, suffer and can’t fix it or protect. Breaks our primordial, alpha need as men).

On Wednesday Tricia DeMaio and I had the privilege to witness down at the 777 apple tree Abortion mill.

The workers proudly wear their shirt “abortion 100% of the time 0% shame”
I asked the sidewalk employee if she would take a picture of Tom Stevens, Tricia and I. She refused. I asked her what her deal was and she told me “don’t talk to me. I’m not talking to you” I guess that was the sign in their window that says – Bring Only Love.

Meanwhile when I tried to hand someone a bag with the info she almost shoulder blocked me putting herself between me and the person. I wasn’t feeling the love… we prayed Thx Tom!

Then it happened: A young girl came out with a worker and family member walking her/carrying her out. She was wounded. She could barely walk or stand up. I felt the gut shot. My heart ached. I wanted to help. Nobody did anything. She had a “procedure”

Tragic & Senseless death and another wounded mom.

PWC Signs

A few minutes later we met Nice. He told me we shouldn’t be there because we didn’t understand. I asked what? He said do you mind if I drop some knowledge on y’all. I said sure. He said you’re making people feel bad and not everyone agrees. He said I have 4 kids. Do you know how hard it is to have 4 kids? Tricia said yea we do. We have 6. He humbly quieted down. (I didn’t realize there was a contest for who can impregnate women more times. I’ll suit up and wear my Stallion jersey next time for the competition. Lol 😆)

Since I won that one and now had street credibility for having more children than Nice 🙄, I said do you mind if I drop some knowledge on you now? I did. His little cousin was in there having an abortion because she just had a baby a year ago…

Our Petey and Nicky are 1 year apart. They’re best friends. They’re my whole life 😢 I love them more than I’ve ever loved anything. Alyssa came 17 months later. I didn’t think I wanted a girl. She melted my heart. I’m still in love. It’s intoxicating. Jenna and Cenzo are 15 months apart. It’s wasn’t convenient. They wouldn’t know each other if we chose “choice”

Finally, I’ve never been a part of a save. Harmony comes waking out. As we stood holding a sign and praying the rosary, Harmony looked at us and said “I’m not gonna do it. I can’t do it. I can’t kill my baby. I’m 2 1/2-3 months pregnant”.

She climbed over the rope and came to talk to us. Tricia and I reassured her. She said the “counselor” keeps trying to convince her it’s better.

Our Lady intervened!

The counselor came out and said “harmony you’re on the wrong side”
Look at the picture of the “counselor” smoking a cigarette trying to convince harmony to come back in while Harmony is calling for a ride home and probably family guidance and support.

Tricia, a former nurse, said that’s informed consent? Is that person even credentialed to counsel?

This is 2018. This is what we’ve got. Love Saves Lives. Abortion Kills. Abortion wounds moms and dads. #40daysforlife. Get involved. Do something. Every 20 seconds a baby is being brutally murdered; a fellow human person; a soul.

Pray to our Blessed Mother. Ask her to go to her Son. Prayer & Fasting. Visit 40daysforlife.com to sign up today.

Loving One Another

The following is from an email sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu.

When we can look into the eyes of every person. EVERY single person, and appreciate them for who they are, their beauty, their capacity to love AND love them all despite their views, their beliefs, the color of their skin, how kind or unkind they have been to us… then we know we are really doing HIS work.

Standing on the sidewalk may seem daunting or scary to some of you, but consider this:  While you are present for that hour. What if you were to understand that every person there… those passing by, those walking in and out of the abortion center, those standing as an escort… imagine them all as an extension of you.  They are our brothers and sisters created by God. They are flesh and blood just like you and me.

Then wouldn’t we WANT to be there? Wouldn’t we want to be the person that shares with them that they are loved, they are honored, they have access through our community to a new life, a new support system, a new community.  Wouldn’t we want every person to know that we LOVE them so much because as different as they may look, or sound, or dress, we can see ourselves in them? Wouldn’t we want them to know that even if they chose to do something that we were so saddened by, we could STILL be there to love them and show them kindness and compassion?

If we are not there, nobody will be there to show them.

If we are not there, nobody will be there to pray for these beautiful people.

If we are not there, we have ZERO chance of impacting their lives and the lives of the unborn babies at all.

So LET’S BE THERE! Let us stand in a state of love and compassion. Offering everything we possibly can to give support to the people who are involved in ending the lives of OUR family.  Let us look them in the eyes.. deep into their eyes and connect with them… let us let them know they are important, seen, and LOVED. Let’s band together to MOVE mountains, let’s create the impossible and be the key to transforming the lives of these men and women in need.

Friends, it’s so much more than standing in the cold for an hour. It’s doing everything we can to save our OWN flesh and blood. Our own brothers and sisters that have been created by OUR FATHER. This is NOT an option. I need all of you to do this.. we can’t afford to lose any more of our people.

I love you all and am deeply grateful for the sacrifices you have made to participate thus far. I have complete confidence that each and every one of you will step up and be present more than you have ever thought possible.

God bless,

Dr. Monique


Monday 3/11:

12th and locust: 3,4

Tuesday 3/12:

12th and locust: 9,3,4

Wed 3/13:

777 appletree: 12,1,2

Friday 3/15:

12th and locust:9,2,3,4

777 appletree: 12,1

To see the schedule and help fill those hours with love and prayer, Sign up here for your hours.

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Lent: What to Do

As I am posting this blog, many of us are scrambling to make a last minute decision to consider what to give up or do extra during these next forty days of Lent.

Well, let me assure you, it should not be as stressful as planning your wedding or any other momentous occasion.

These 40 Days of Lent are to be used as a time of self-reflection and even time of sacrifice. It is also a time to draw yourself even closer to our Lord and Savior who gave it all. So allow me to break down what you can do.


  • Visit adoration every week during the 6 week period
  • Participate in 40 Days campaigns near you or make the sacrifice to drive into another city of town
  • Give up bashing an abortion worker or volunteer (escorts included)
    • Offer a prayer or Holy Hour for their conversion (it’s a plus if you know their name)
  • Pray the Stations of the Cross and offer it for the victims of the silent holocaust of our time.
  • Pray instead of complaining about how challenging a task is in front
  • Give time or money to a homeless shelter or pregnancy center
  • If a pregnant woman changes her mind and needs help, throw a baby shower and offer to take her to the doctors and even babysit her other children (if she has any).
  • Do an extra chore
  • Offer your next communion for the repentance of those in the clergy who victimized minors.
  • Pray the mysteries of the rosary with a pro-life reflection. Here’s one that’s very powerful. A baby was saved outside of an abortion facility in Philadelphia when a warrior prayed 20 mysteries straight. Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Life-Rosary-Powerful-Prayers-Abortion/dp/194020934X/ref=sr_1_2?
  • Pray the St. Joseph Novena (March 10th-18th)
  • Offer a Divine Mercy Chaplet for the conversion of those involved with abortion
  • Limit your use of the phone, unless you’re making a phone call.

Use these 40 Days to practice the works of mercy. (Hopefully, you know what they are) every 14 of them are important during the season of repentance and fasting. Use these 40 Days as a way to be closer to Jesus on the cross and to humble yourself when encountering those who hate you.

Guide to Pray the Flame of Love Rosary

During recent prayer vigils and even 40 Days campaign, a group promoting the Flame of Love prayed a rosary that is different than the normal one we learn.

Basic Background (From the website)

Elizabeth Kindelmann was a laywoman from Budapest, Hungary who died in 1985. She like St. Faustina was given a mission by God and His Mother for His Church to emphasize a special Grace from God for His Church. She was always obedient to priests and bishops. Our Lady told her to gather 12 special pastors, four from within Budapest and 8 from outside the city to start a Movement to spread this special Grace to the whole world. Elizabeth was instructed to keep a Diary, which explains the special Grace, which God calls the “Grace from the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” and “the greatest Grace given to mankind since the Incarnation”. God promised that this Grace would be spread to the whole world. In the Diary, our Lady always speaks about the “Cause”, i.e. the Flame of Love Movement . She asks Elizabeth to be zealous and to speak often to these priests about “moving the Cause ahead.” Her priest confessors were sometimes slow to understand and slow to act, even though our Lady asked for action. Yet, they were accepting and sympathetic toward Elizabeth.

Fr. Gabriel Rona, S.J., a Hungarian priest, was also a missionary to Latin America and translated her diary into Spanish. (His book was used for the English translations of both the entire diary and the Simplified Version). He was appointed the Spiritual Director of the Movement for many years. In 1989, Cardinal Echeverria Ruiz (Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador) approved Fr. Rona’s translation. In 1996, he approved the statutes of the Flame of Love Movement for his archdiocese and asked the Holy Father to approve the Movement for the whole world. Cardinal Stafford, prefect for the Congregation for the Laity, sent a letter encouraging the Cardinal in his work.

Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Elizabeth’s Archdiocese of Budapest, went more deeply into the question by establishing a theological commission. In 2009, Cardinal Erdo said that the commission found her writings free from error. He gave his imprimatur; wrote about the importance of this Movement of Grace as a gift from God; and also formally established the Flame of Love as a lay movement in his archdiocese.

Since then, other Hungarian dioceses have done the same, as have other dioceses around the world.In the United States, the Flame of Love Movement is just beginning under the International Pious Association of the Faithful established to spread the Message to the whole world. This association has been in existence for many years in other countries of the world.

Anthony Mullen (who lives in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where the National Center is located) has been named National Director by the International Association. Archbishop Chaput (Philadelphia) gave his imprimatur to the English translation from the Spanish of the Flame of Love Book released by the Center.

We see ourselves as a grassroots movement, trying to faithfully and prudently put into practice the desires of God and our Mother as described in the Diary. We pledge total loyalty and obedience to the Church. We especially invite all priests and religious to help us to guide this new Movement solely for God’s glory in His Church and according to His Will.

Here are the steps in praying the Flame of Love:

1- Intentions (Our Priests, the Dying, Souls in Purgatory,
Families, Personal Petitions)
2- We offer ourselves to the Heavenly Father thru
all the wounds of our Savior, Jesus Christ:
We kiss the wound of your Sacred Left Hand,
with sorrow deep and true. ‚
We kiss the wound of your Sacred Right Hand,
with sorrow deep and true.‚
We kiss the wound of your Sacred Left Foot,
with sorrow deep and true. ‚
We kiss the wound of your Sacred Right Foot,
with sorrow deep and true‚
We kiss the wound of your Sacred Side, with
sorrow deep and true. ‚
3- Pray the Rosary and insert in each Hail Mary
the petition to the Flame of Love:
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee,
blessed are Thou among women, and blessed is
the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of
God, pray for us sinners, spread the effect of
grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of
humanity, now and at the hour of our death.
Amen. *
4- After each decade pray the Fatima prayer, the
prayer to the Holy Spirit, and Sing Ave Maria:
O my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the
fires of hell. Lead all souls to Heaven, especially
those who are in most need of Thy Mercy.
Come Holy Spirit! Come by means of the power of
the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
[Sing !Ave Maria”]
5- Hail Holy Queen – Let Us Pray (O God,)
6- Unity Prayer:
May our feet journey together.
May our hands gather in unity.
May our hearts beat in unison.
May our souls be in harmony.
May our thoughts be as one.
May our ears listen to the silence together.
May our glances profoundly penetrate each other.
May our lips pray together to gain mercy from the
Eternal Father. Amen.
7- My Adorable Jesus,
We ask you to take us in spirit before your
Eucharistic Presence throughout the world.
(pause for silent reflection)
8- Blessed Lady,
Take us and place us where we belong in the
Divine Fire. Share with us your Immaculate
Conception. (pause for silent reflection)

9- Prayer to Saint Joseph:

Oh, Saint Joseph, whose protection is so great, so
strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place
in you all my interests and desires.
Oh, Saint Joseph, do assist me by your powerful
intercession, and obtain for me from your Divine
Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ,
our Lord, So that, having engaged here below
your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving
and homage to the most Loving of Fathers.
Oh, Saint Joseph, I never weary contemplating
you and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not
approach while He reposes near your heart. Press
Him in my name and kiss his fine head for me and
ask him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying
breath. Saint Joseph, Patron of departed souls, pray
for me. Amen
10- Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel:
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in
battle. Be our protection against the wickedness
and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him,
we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the
Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into
hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl
about the world seeking the ruin of souls.
11- Plenary Indulgence- Pray for the intentions of
the Holy Father (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be)
12- Meditate on all the wounds of Jesus Christ. Repeat
Step No. 2.
13- Final Blessing # Bless each other with Holy Water
(optional) (form circle, if possible)
*When we say the effect of grace, we include the conversion
of sinners, the blinding of Satan and the New Pentecost and
whatever other gifts God will give to His Church and humanity
through His Mother.

For more information about the Flame of Love, visit: http://www.flameoflove.us/leaders-manual/

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