Prayer Project Rally Tomorrow at 10 AM at the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pa.

Saturdays are busy days for pro-life warriors in Pennsylvania.  Most go to the abortion centers in their cities to pray and give witness or to offer help to women seeking abortions.  My parish is having a Prayer Rally at the site of vandalism of our Memorial Crosses.   And Prayer Warriors in Berks County are being urged to come out for a rally at the Planned Parenthood in Reading (map) as part of their Prayer Project.  Please see the information below from Kathy Kuhns.   

Prayer project

Please be at Reading Planned Parenthood tomorrow, Sat., 10 AM for the Prayer Project Rally.  We’ll be storming heaven with our prayers to close the place down for good.  We’ll also be thanking God for what He’s already done.  Pastor Joe Sclafani will lead the prayers.

We have some signs and t-shirts, so just ask.  You can also bring your own sign, but no graphic signs please.
Sorry to say the Reading Eagle is unable to cover our event due to so many other events going on at the same time.  They were very nice and have always covered our events, so we can’t complain.
Also, Pro-Life Berks on BCTV, Monday, Oct 21st, 8 PM.  Change of schedule.  Rep. Muesser couldn’t make it and will be on the program in February.  Scott and Joel will discuss lost fatherhood when their children were aborted.
See you tomorrow.  Rain or shine!


Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

Those in the Abortion Industry Are in Need Our Prayers

The following comes from Kathy Kuhns of Pro-Life Berks.  Kathy sends out a weekly email and graciously allows us to post her updates on our blog. 

She would like all who pray and witness outside of the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pennsylvania as well as at the Allentown Planned Parenthood to pray for the ‘deathscorts’ who lead vulnerable women into these abortion centers.   (Something we all should do on a daily basis.)

Below is a short prayer you can  use to pray for the conversion of all who work or volunteer in any way at Planned Parenthood or any other abortion facility. You may also want to use the link below to learn more about the Pro-Life Berks ‘Prayer Project’.  It is something every pro-life group could and should do.  

Prayer for Escorts

Last Tuesday we had 2 “deathscorts” – 2 young girls in PP pink vests.  They made a point of showing us the trash can they place inside the Planned Parenthood door, with a sign on it telling clients to throw away the literature we give them.

We’ve dealt with deathscorts before at Reading Planned Parenthood, and now again have them at Allentown Planned Parenthood, and the best approach is to not engage with them, or provoke them.  There’s no benefit.   Just pray for them………………… 

Last, the Prayer Project signs are finally here and they look great – they’re in Planned Parenthood’s bright pink.   Please let us know when you’ll be praying at Reading Planned Parenthood and we’ll give you a sign.  (Contact information is provided in the Guidelines below).  The signs are really going to stand out, so please be willing to hold one while you pray.

Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

Pro-life Berks Introduces The Prayer Project

The following is from the newsletter of Pro-Life Berks. The reasons they list to close the Reading Planned Parenthood are reasons to close all Planned Parenthood facilities throughout our nation and around the world.

If you live in or around Reading, Pennsylvania and would like to become involved in this project, contact Pro-Life Berks.  The contact information is included in the Guidelines for Praying at Reading Planned Parenthood. 

Defund Planned Parenthood

For twenty-one long years Reading Planned Parenthood has been doing abortions in Reading,  Pennsylvania.  The purpose of The Prayer Project is to close the Reading Planned Parenthood and to end abortion.

A link is provided below for Guidelines for praying at the Reading Planned Parenthood and for Bible verses for meditation. Contact information is provided in the Guidelines.

When you are standing outside of Reading Planned Parenthood, please pray about each of the following areas of great evil, and ask God to deliver us.  

Why We Need to Close Reading Planned Parenthood:

  • Kills babies by the cruel act of abortion, that is sucking the baby out of the womb by suction machine; or by giving pills to kill the baby in the womb which is then expelled in the toilet, a very painful and bloody experience for women.
  • Kills about 800 babies per year, right here in Reading, for the last 21 years.
  • Participates with other Planned Parenthood centers to be the largest abortion provider in Pennsylvania.
  • Founded by the racist Margaret Sanger, who promoted eugenics similar to Hitler.
  • Continues to be part of the genocide that is killing a disproportionate number of African-American babies.
  • Provides little, or no help for dads who want to keep their babies and not see them killed by abortion.
  • Refuses to allow a dignified burial of the aborted babies; but instead, sends the dead, unnamed babies to an incinerator for an impersonal end.
  • Promotes sexual promiscuity by encouraging sexual activity, outside of marriage.
  • Promotes sex ed to young and impressionable children, leading to increased sexual activity before marriage, often with tragic results.
  • Encourages children to not tell their parents about going to Planned Parenthood or reading their materials.
  • Promotes the use of birth control methods, most of which are abortifacients (cause an early abortion) such as The Pill, I.U.D.’s, birth control injections, morning after pills.
  • Promotes the dangerous concept of the gay lifestyle and gender and transgender confusion, even for children.
  • Provides false and misleading information about pro-life advocates who do sidewalk counseling outside and who offer assistance.
  • Participates in a national organization that has been proven to sell unborn baby body parts to companies for research and use.
  • Participates in a national organization that receives over $500 million dollars, federally, from taxpayers who do not want to fund abortion.
  • Participates in a strong, national, political organization that promotes very liberal causes and candidates.
  • Refuses to admit to the scientific proof that life begins at conception and that unborn babies have the inalienable right to life from the Creator.

Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

Pro-Life Berks is a peaceful, prayerful organization dedicated to the defense of human life from conception to natural death, since 1998. We oppose the use of force against persons and property.

We organized in 1998 when Reading Planned Parenthood began doing abortions. We’ve been praying there and doing sidewalk counseling every week, since then.

We’ve been hosting a television program on BCTV since 2000, and currently our program is live, the third Monday of every month. Our focus is also education, community outreach and advocacy in support of life, marriage and the family.

We are affiliated with the American Life League and the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania.  Your prayers and financial support of Pro-Life Berks is greatly appreciated.  For more information, visit our website:   Like us on Facebook here.