Fall 40 Days for Life Kickoff in Waco

Mayra Rodriquez tells her conversion story and reveals the truth about Planned Parenthood

40 Days for Life Waco had another excellent kickoff event under the direction of Aine Fitzgerald.  The September 27, 2020 event was held at Calvary Chapel in Waco. Over 150 attended.  The featured speaker for the evening was the dynamic and inspirational Mayra Angelica Rodriguez.  You may know her story.  Mayra was an employee, and eventually abortion clinic manager, for the Arizona affiliate a Planned Parenthood.  When Planned Parenthood fired her, she filed in whistleblower lawsuit and defeated the “mighty” Goliath of the abortion industry. 

The other speakers were Aine Fitzgerald, Rev. Albert Fuentes, the lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Waco and Rev. Derrick Watley, the lead pastor of Mighty Wind Worship Center and board member of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Waco. 

For the first time 40 Days for Life in Waco, the PP abortion center is shutdown.  However, the facility is still counseling women to abortions committed in other states and also delivering so-called healthcare.  Pro-lifers in Central Texas work and pray for the day when the nearest Planned Parenthood will not be in Waco.

Flight for Life! San Antonio to Fort Collins, CO

From San Antonio, TX to Fort Collins, CO. Heart changes. Baby lives. Mom cries tears of joy.

This is an uplifting story from my friend Kevin Williams of Ft Collins, Colorado. Kevin is a great fulltime sidewalk counselor at killing centers in Boulder, Denver, and his hometown of Fort Collins. On or near September 8, a mom named Vanessa arrived at Fort Collins Planned Parenthood after flying in from San Antonio, Texas. The abortion ban in Texas helped save her baby’s life and turned mom away from a life of regret.

Vanessa wrote to Kevin Williams, “I just came across your group one week ago. You have worked so many miracles in my family already. You and the people you have sent my way have truly been a blessing to me and my family. So Thankful I chose life again for my preborn baby! WE THANK YOU!

Kevin, wrote back to Vanessa, “We thank YOU for choosing Life and we thank God for the opportunity to see His Beautiful Heart in and through His people once again!”

With all the bans on abortion, NBC won’t bring you a love story like this.

In the post-Heartbeat Environment: Waco Delivers National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

If you live in or around Waco, Texas please try to attend this memorial service.  All the information as well as a flyer are included below.  


from John Pisciotta, Pro-Life Waco

We will mourn babies lost to abortion and also focus on the surge in the babies that we can help save. Wow! The abortion battlefield has changed in Waco because of the Texas Heartbeat Law. PLEASE come out to this big event with a lead speaker I know you will love. It is the pro-life pastor from the pulpit and the public square, Rev. Clenard Childress (New Calvary Baptist Church of Montclair, New Jersey).

And our other speakers like Deborah McGregor (Care Net), me (Pro-Life Waco), Nancy Rothe (Nightlight Christian Adoptions), and Elle Staniszewski (Sidewalk Counseling) and Aine Fitzgerald (40 Days for Life) will rev us up for life-defender action. It is going to be an amazing morning.
Saturday, September 18th. 9 to 10:30 AM followed by fellowship, ministry displays and breakfast tacos. 4720 N 19th Street, Rachel’s Park Memorial. Arrive early and view the moving features of Rachel’s Park.  See the event flyer below. 

I was asked about dress. Of course, casual. I would like to see a lot of pro-life t-shirts: red (Life Saver), green (Help Cure Abortion), 40 Days for Life in any color and any language. Or maybe you have another. Weather forecast looks good.

Waco remembrance_day_flyer_2021

Crawford TX becomes 36th Sanctuary City in U. S. A.

In the midst of all the chaos in our country and in the world, some good news from Crawford Texas.  See report from Pro-Life Waco below.  

This morning I am encouraged and also frustrated.

I’m encouraged by the unanimous city council vote on August 10 to make Crawford, Texas a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.

I’m frustrated by the fact that not one of the Waco news outlets (one newspaper and four television stations) found this big event noteworthy.  This has profound implications for how we battle abortion in Waco.

Mark Lee Dickson who launched the sanctuary cities movement in 2019, proclaimed
““The City of Crawford, Texas (population 733) became the THIRTY-SIXTH CITY in the nation, and the thirty-third city in Texas, to pass an enforceable ordinance outlawing abortion within their city limits. The vote by the City Council was unanimous! Way to go Crawford, Texas!
Crawford Councilwoman Cindy Vannatta shared, “Crawford is honored to stand up for the unborn to make sure that no babies are killed in our city limits by abortion.””

Leaders and supporters attending the Tuesday City Council meeting included: Dennis Daniel (Central Texas Fellowship  of Catholic Men), Rev. Ben Faus (Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Crawford,  and John Pisciotta (Director of Pro-Life Waco).

Post-Abortion Healing Retreat to be Held in Belton, Texas

Texas Post Abortion Retreat

from Pro-Life Waco

This is a life changing opportunity. Rachel’s Vineyard was created in 1995 by Theresa (a psychologist) and Kevin Burke.

Who will benefit from these retreats? Moms, of course. Also, dads, grandparents and anyone who helped a mom obtain an abortion. Have you thought about being a part of a weekend retreat? Say yes and bless yourself and your family.

For more information or to register,  contact Lovette Vassar  by phone at 254-702-6723 or via email at abortionrecovery@hopepc.com.

Let us Honor our Aborted Brothers and Sisters by Flying the American Flag on August 3rd

Pro-Life Waco has long been a leader in innovative ways to expose the evil of abortion to the general public.  Below is another way in which we can participate right from our own homes! Let’s all fly our flags (half-mast if possible) on the 3rd of August and the third each month to remember the souls of those babies who have been killed thought the terrible act of abortion. 

And let us pray for healing for the mothers and families of these children.  Thank you to John Pisciotta and Pro-Life Waco for providing us with another outreach we can employ to end the genocide of God’s precious little ones.




We will fly American flags on the third day of each month in the Greater Waco area to honor lives lost to abortion. An American tradition is to fly the flag, half-staff if possible, to honor the dead. Who deserves this honor more than innocent babies brutally attacked in abortions?

My hometown is one of eight abortion cities in Texas. Pro-Life Waco combats this holocaust with every tool we can devise. The latest is flying the American flag.
Flags flying on an unexpected day will generate interest and curiosity. Our allies and opponents will eventually find out that the flags honor babies killed in abortions. This will be effective public square outreach. We must never let our neighbors forget that they live near an abortion holocaust center.

The inaugural day for flying the American flag in Central Texas will be Tuesday, August 3. We chose the third of each month because abortion returned to Waco (after a one-year suspension) on March 3, 2021 at the Planned Parenthood abortuary.

We appeal to residents, churches, and businesses to fly their flags on August 3, and every 3rd day of the month, until the killing stops in Waco. I would appreciate your letting me know that you will participate.

Please share this to your friends. If you have any suggestions for making this new outreach successful, please send me an email at prolifewaco@gmail.com.

Please Join Pro-Life Waco for their Pro-Life Outreach this Week and Every Week

The information below is from an email from Pro-Life Waco.  Please join them in prayer this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the PP in Waco from your home, church or in person if you’re able. 

Abortions this Wed, Thurs, and Friday in Waco

Yes, babies are scheduled to die in “Suite A” at 700 W HWY 6 this Wed. (July 6), Thur. (July 7), and Fri. (July 8).  Pro-Life Waco will deliver Sidewalk Counseling to turn moms to Care Net’s life-saving and soul-nurturing support.

Please provide prayer support from wherever you are and particularly on your feet or on your knees in the PP public right-of way along Highway 6.

This Wednesday and EVERY Wednesday a Pro-Life Rosary will be prayed at 9 AM at Planned Parenthood. All are welcome to join.

In support of Sidewalk Counseling, we will have counseling blessing bag assembly on Saturday, July 10 at St Mark Lutheran Church, 2000 Clay Avenue. Begins at 10 AM and will be finished before noon. Can you help?


Rise Up in Waco at PP on Thursday, July 8

A little sunshine. A little rain. Delicious tacos. A bold proclamation of the Gospel of Life from 8 to 10 AM on July 8. We will be in the public right-of way of Planned Parenthood at 700 W HWY 6. We will show our neighbors that they have neighbors that deeply care about the shedding of innocent blood in our midst. Delicious breakfast tacos will be served on site at 9 AM. Free yard signs, t-shirts, literature, and jewelry will be available. JOIN AND LET YOUR LITTLE LIGHT SHINE!

Bank of America Outreach Returns to Waco

Pro-Life Waco is resuming their monthly Bank of America Outreach this Friday, April 23rd. For those who don’t know, Bank of America is a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood. We encourage everyone to join in this protest.  If you are not able to physically attend or live in other areas in the country, a link is provided below with information on how you can participate. 


Bank of America


This is the return of monthly Bank of America outreach that occurred in Waco during 2015-16. We return to the sidewalks to send shock waves through the BOA branch on Valley Mills Dr on Friday, April 23.


WHY BANK OF AMERICA? 1. BOA is a leading national Planned Parenthood supporter/enabler. 2. The Central Texas business community should know that supporting Planned Parenthood is very BAD BUSINESS. 3. We will affirms and invite our pro-life neighbors while challenging those who support abortion. We can change the business and personal culture of Central Texas!

WHERE TO PARK: Emerson Drive would be good. This street runs between Uncle Dan’s BBQ and Harold Waite Restaurant.

For questions, including how to start BOA outreach in your hometown, contact John Pisciotta (254-644-0407 or prolifewaco@gmail.com).

Find out more about this outreach movement at using this link.  

WACO ACTION ALERT: PLW Director Pleads for an Escalation of Pro-Life Outreach with Return of Abortion in Waco

Pro-Life Waco is committed to ending abortion, its damaging effects among women, and promoting chastity.  

Pro Life Waco Outreach for the Gospel of Life

Voices for Life received a request for prayer and the following information from John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco. Included is a schedule of their upcoming prayerful gatherings.

This is John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco.

I ask for your fervent prayers for the dozens of moms with babies in the womb scheduled to be aborted this week in Waco. Let us pray for Divine guidance and human intervention to bring wisdom and courage to moms and dads to turn to life and love for their children. Let us pray for the effectiveness of sidewalk counselors who engage abortion-minded moms on these days. Your prayerful presence in the public right away of Planned Parenthood this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will show solidarity with lives in peril.  Waco and its neighbors carry the cross of being one of the eight abortion cities in the State of Texas.

Second Sunday Gathering was a call to greater witness to our neighbors.

In the Second Sunday program and in this message, PLW Director John Pisciotta presents five initiatives to break out this year into stronger support for babies in the womb and their moms.

#1. The featured speaker for the September 18, 2021 National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children will be the Rev. Clenard Childress who leads New Calvary Baptist Church and his community in public square outreach in Montclair, New Jersey.  The event will be held next to 3000 crosses at Rachel’s Park Memorial on  19th Street. Here is Pastor Childress’ 12 minute speech last January at the Walk for Life West Coast.

#2. John Pisciotta pleaded for a dramatic increase in participation in the Rise Up in Waco outreach outside the fence of Planned Parenthood along HWY 6. The next monthly Rise Up in Waco outreach will be from 8 to 10 AM on April 20.  We can make a powerful proclamation to morning commuter traffic. The strongest sign for life is your personal witness.

#3. On June 3 (and the 3rd of the month thereafter) we will fly the American flag (half mast, if possible) at our homes and businesses and churches.  The 3rd of the month is chosen because the shedding of innocent blood returned to Waco on March 3.  With this public square outreach, we will honor the precious little ones lost to abortion and display our concern for babies and moms threatened by Planned Parenthood in Waco.

#4. On April 23rd, Bank of America outreach returns to Waco at the very busy corner of Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  With its financial support of Planned Parenthood, BOA is one business enablers of abortion.  What will we accomplish by holding up signs to thousands and engage dozens in conversation?  David will challenge the Goliath of Bank of America.  And, we will communicate to the Waco business community that entanglement with Planned Parenthood is bad business. Thirdly, we will give affirmation and invitation to the vast majority of abortion opponents passing by. In the next newsletter, you will read a touching story of a thankful young mom during our first outreach at Bank of America in September of 2015.

#5. An appeal was made for a leadership team to deliver special event to honor the victims of abortion on Good Friday 2022, as happens in several other cities nationwide.  On this day, Planned Parenthood may again abort babies in the womb.  Planned parenthood will be there on Good Friday 2022.  Will we be there?

Those attending the Second Sunday Gathering were challenged to be a part of one public square outreach event each month if they had been participating in none.  Those already active each month were asked to add one or two to their already dedicated outreach.

NOTE. You can always find the schedule of the current month’s outreach events at the home page of www.prolifewaco.com Over pass outreach is happening this Thursday.  Sidewalk Counseling Training is this Saturday. Click on the link and get the details.

March 3, 2021 – A Dark and Tragic Day in Waco

From John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco

With a heavy heart, I announce that, after nearly a year, the shedding of innocent blood has resumed in Waco.  The parking lot was busy. And moms with babies in the womb entered the abortion wing of Planned Parenthood Waco.  Abortion will continue this week. And then on Wed/Thurs/Friday of alternating weeks. Nicola Louise Moore of Massachusetts continues as the ‘physician” killing babies in the womb. I snapped this photo of her on Thursday morning. Lord have mercy.


Waco has now rejoined seven other Texas cities with facilities dedicated to killing preborn babies Pro-Life Waco has elevated outreach to preborn babies and moms in 2020. And we will elevate even more in 2021 and as long as we have this cross to bear.  Your sacrifice and discipleship are needed to defend the precious treasures Jesus loves so much.  We can look to our right and to our left for those engaged in the battle.  However, you and I are called to step forward with dedication, and with joy, serving this noble cause. WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS ABOMINATION WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY!