Remembering Lives Lost and Hearts Broken in Waco, Texas

Pro-Life Waco is sponsoring an ad in the Waco Tribune.  You can find more information on how to be a part of this initiative below.   Thank you to John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco for forwarding information on this project. 

AdRoe Day ad in Waco Trib: 410 and working hard.

WacoWe are now two/thirds the way along the path to 600 households publicly declaring their lament for the tragic Roe v Wade decision imposed on January 22, 1973.

This Pro-Life Waco initiative is unique and important. The only other city in the USA that will have a Roe Day “signature ad” is Reno, Nevada.

Signing up is easy for you and your friends. Just provide your household name the way you want it in the ad and donate $5 – $50 to Pro-Life Waco. Mail to Pro-Life Waco at 4200 Grim Avenue, Waco, TX  76710.
Or you can do this online at www.prolifewaco.comClick on the Support Us button located on the bottom/right of your screen.

You can see and print copies of the flyer/signup form here. 
Ways you can help through our final sign up Day of January 15:

1. Having your household signed on would be a blessing. Wherever you live, you can join with others defending preborn babies, moms and families.

2. Sundays Jan. 3 and 10 and Wednesdays Jan. 6 & 13 are worship days before our January 15 cutoff for adding names. You can print copies of the flyer/form to share with your friends. If some of your friends commit “on the spot,” you can take their checks and forms and return to me at 4200 Grim Ave, Waco 76710. My mail has a drop slot into my home.

3. Forward or share this message to your friends. Hopefully, others will learn about the Roe Ad campaign from multiple sources.

The Roe Day Proclamation part of the ad will look like the picture above.  


Blessing Bag Stuffing to Support Sidewalk Counseling in Waco, Texas

Sidewalk counselors in Waco, Texas received ‘blessing bags’ to offer to women entering the Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas prepared by Republican County Women last month .  Please see report from John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco below. 

Under the leadership of Ellen Stanizewski, an important feature of sidewalk counseling at Planned Parenthood Waco is offering Blessing Bags to women as they drive or ride in. The Blessing Bags include a small stuffed animal, small gifts, fliers on life matters, and directions to Care Net Pregnancy Center and other support.

Abortion-minded moms and other clients have taken over 1,000 Blessing Bags. The photos are of morning gathering on November 13 to assemble 250 Blessing Bags to take us into 2021. The location was the headquarters of the Republican Party of McLennan County. Republican County Women provided most of the person-power for this productive and joyful morning.

Full-Page ad in Waco Trib on Roe Day 2021

The following is from John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco

Last week, I wrote that I would have a big announcement this week.  Here goes!  Pro-Life Waco will organize a full-page Waco Tribune-Herald ad for January 22, 2021 to honor those killed in the unspeakable injustice of abortion unleashed by the Roe V Wade court decision in 1973. PLW seeks 500-600 names affirming the message of the ad.

In addition to honoring the dead we seek to mobilize life defenders to bring an end to abortion in our city. This will be the only ad of its kind in Texas, perhaps in the entire country.  If the Democrats of McLennan county can deliver a full-page ad (October 25 with 300 names) calling for the election of Biden-Harris, surely, we can do this in solidarity with babies, moms, and families.  You can see the layout of the ad and more explanation by clicking here. 
You will also find two ways that you as an individual or a family can be included in this historic proclamation. One way is to send $5 to $50 to Pro-Life Waco (4200 Grim Ave, Waco 76710) and the way you want your household name to appear on the ad. You can also  go online at Click on the “Support Us” button and go from there.

Funds received will be applied to the $3700 cost of the ad. Any surplus will be applied to PLW outreach in 2021. If contributions do not cover the cost, PLW will fill in the gap.

Also, I am seeking “Captains” for this campaign. This is a dedicated foot soldier who will try to sign up 10 or more friends and relatives. Possibly your Sunday School class. Please respond to this email and let me know if you will be a captain.

If you are a recipient of this message, you can be included in the ad even if you do not live in Central Texas.

Let’s not keep our light under a bushel basket.  Let our light shine brightly throughout Central Texas, our state, and our country.

Waco Texas 40 Days for Life Kickoff Rally to be Held on September 22 and Prayer Vigil Begins on Sept 23

The following comes from John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco encouraging everyone in Waco to join their 40 Days for Life Kick-off event and prayer vigil. 

The longest pro-life event of the year in Waco is the 40 Days for Life Prayer vigil that begins on Wednesday, September 23.

This is 40 Days for Life where, under the leadership of Aine Fitzgerald, we collaborate to cover the PP Waco location (7o0 W HWY 6) with prayer from 7 AM to 7 PM.

There is a particular hour each of the six weeks waiting for your adoption. Contact 40 Days campaign director Aine Fitzgerald.   210-542-5700. Or click to

There will be a Kickoff Rally on Tuesday September 22 beginning at 6 PM in the public right of way of Planned Parenthood Waco at 700 W HWY 6. Come and hear some terrific speakers from the 40 Days for Life movement, which will deliver prayer vigils in nearly 600 cities worldwide this fall.

Waco Joins 120 cities in National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children on September 12th

The following is fromJohn Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco. Waco pro-life residents are encouraged to attend and join in prayer in memory of the children of the womb lost through abortion.  


Less than two weeks away. I am so eager to see you there. We will have a tent and the weather is getting better. With a backdrop of 4,000 white crosses and the Tomb of the Unknown Baby, the program will be from 9 to 10:30 AM. Waco is one of 55 memorial sites nationwide where an aborted baby has been interred. You will love our keynote speaker Heather Hobbs of Save The 1 ministries. The title of her message will be “Don’t be deceived. She is a child no matter how she was conceived.” Heather resisted pressure to abort three of her four children because the pregnancies were “hard cases.”

Local speakers will be Deborah McGregor (CareNet), Aine Fitzgerald (40 Days for Life) John Pisciotta (Pro-Life Waco), and Lynn Rasberry with a personal testimony. You will learn how you can incorporate defending babies in the womb into your Christian walk. Among the 60 million babies lost to abortion in America are 20,000 at Planned Parenthood in Waco. Let’s honor these precious ones lost to abortion and defend their brothers and sisters threatened in our community in 2020. You can see, print, and distribute an event flyer by clicking on the link below.



Pro-life Waco Billboards – Yes, we do Spanish

The post below comes from the newsletter of Pro-Life Waco sent out by John Pisciotta.

The Spanish version of Pro-Life Waco’s “ABORTION HURTS” billboards are out in the public square. Four junior billboards (5’ x 11’) were installed the first week of August.

I pray that these billboards will touch hearts and souls.  This billboard in the photos below is to your left 18th Street at about the 600 block, not far from where you clear the railroad overpass.  The other three locations are:
–Herring at 5th Street (driving away from Cameron Park
–HWY 84 in McGregor at the Dairy Queen
–Bosque Blvd at 38th (driving toward the Brazos River)

Muchas gracias! to all our donors for making 2020 possibly the strongest year for PLW–in spite of the headwinds of COVID 19.

Students Deliver First-ever National Pro-Life Sidewalk Day

The following is from  the Newsletter of Pro-life Waco sent out by John Pisciotta


College and high school Students for Life chapters in Waco delivered a strong outreach at local Planned Parenthood in collaboration with National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day.

Close to 20 students and supporters from Care Net Pregnancy Center, 40 Days for Life Waco, and Pro-Life Waco were on board for this powerful event. The location of PP in Waco was along the very busy artery of State Highway 6. So, this event was truly in the public square and shined light on the darkness of Planned Parenthood.

The time and locations were 9-11 AM Saturday August 1 at 700 W HWY 6.  The event was organized by Sarah Zarr, Texas Regional Director of Students for Life of America and Megan Roos of McLennan Community College. More dynamic outreach is coming from students of the greater Waco area.

Pro-Life Waco Launches “Summer Signs for Life” Initiative

The following was taken from an email from John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco.  Need a yard sign or want to replace an old one?  Contact John and he will have one delivered to you free of charge.  Although these signs are for the Waco area, it would be a good project for other pro-life organizations in other areas of the country as well.  

Choose life

This new initiative will be a game changer in the Central Texas Covid-19 environment. You may not like the heat. However, our free and attractive pro-life yard signs thrive at 100 degrees or more. Through July, Pro-Life Waco offers a FREE yard sign to households and churches in the Waco area–including counties bordering on McLennan County.

WE WILL DELIVER your free yard sign with an unbreakable metal holder. You can choose from one of five designs that you see below. Your sign will be delivered to your home.

The new style holder stake will not break like the ones we have used for years. To join your neighbors or lead your neighbors in SUMMER SIGNS FOR LIFE, send your request to You may also call or text John Pisciotta at (254)-644-0407. You can do this. You should do this. Let’s triple the number of Central Texas homes affirming love and life for babies and moms.

Also, let me know if you want to have an old, battered yard sign replaced. Our delivery team is capable and probably not as fast as Amazon.



Pedestrian Overpass Outreach is this Friday, June 26 in Waco, Texas

The following is from John Pisciotta, of Pro-Life Waco.  National Bridges Day is this Friday and we encourage everyone to come out in Waco, Texas and elsewhere to give witness to the atrocities taking place throughout the country.  You can find an event in your area by visiting the website of the Pro-Life Action League here


National Day

PLW has moved its Overpass Outreach to Friday this month to be a part of National Overpass Outreach day sponsored by Pro-Life Action League of Chicago. There will be over 50 cities nationwide delivering outreach on this day.

PLW likes to be a team player and collaborate with other groups. The time on Friday, June 26 is from 5 to 6:30 PM. The overpass is at the intersection of South Valley Mills Drive and Bagby Avenue.

We will stand at the overpass with social distancing. I encourage face masks. Park near Chili’s Restaurant. T-shirts will be available, so we all look “together” and sharp.

We had a dozen foot soldiers out for this event in May.  Can we get to over 20 this Friday? One more thing. I will have yard signs available with MUCH sturdier stakes. Guaranteed not to break. Just perfect for your yard and church grounds.


Back to Love Life Chain on June 7 in Waco, Texas

Pro-Life Waco will resume their monthly Life Chains on Sunday, June 7th.  We encourage all who live in or around this area to join in this life-affirming, peaceful, prayerful event. Information is provided below from John Pisciotta.  

Life Chain

Pro-Life Waco’s next public square outreach event will be Love Life Chain on June 7 from 2 to 3 PM at the intersection of Waco Drive and Valley Mills Drive, near the now-closed Pei Wei and Five Guys restaurants.

I’m sure our outreach will be highly productive, which even includes the negative reactions of those reminded of the hurt they feel from participation in abortions.  With God’s grace, we pray that we can achieve a conversion, turned a mom to life for her baby, and activate more neighbors to join the active pro-life remnant of the part of Texas we call home.

We live in one of eight Texas abortion cities.  We carry the cross of challenging this evil and hurt with perseverance, consideration, compassion, and the joy of Christian discipleship.

For more information on these monthly Life Chains, including additional photos, please use this link.