Rain Could Never Damper Pro-Life Spirit

Fifty pro-lifers took part in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The morning starting with many losing an hour of sleep the night before, yet they offered it up for the conversion of souls, especially those involved with the culture of death. It also was pouring rain. Some had Sunday commitments at their parishes that caused them to run late. However, everything came to together by the grace of God.

The meetup was outside of Suburban Station on 16th and JFK. The group, as in the year’s past, were in the early group that would march first in the parade. Some handed out prayer cards for the end of abortion, which includes a spiritual adoption made possible by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen. It reads: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of [baby’s name] the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.” 

The spiritual adoption prayer is encouraged to be prayed every day for nine months straight.

Along the parade route, Pat Stanton’s brother Dennis provided a personal PA system that blasted well known Irish songs while parade goers would cheer on the small contingent as they were in the parade to plant the seeds for potential conversion and to make their voices heard. No question that our voices were heard.

Pat and Wendy Stanton


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March with Fellow Pro-Lifers in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The following is from the Facebook post of Dr. Monique Ruberu:

Have you ever wanted to be IN a parade? No… not watching from the side and cheering folks on… actually walking near to the front of the parade waving your banner, waving to the crowds.. pulling your kids in their decorated wagon, handing out stickers etc… AND standing up for the PRO-LIFE CAUSE?!?

Bring the fam and walk with the Pro-Life Union in the awesome downtown Philly St Patrick’s day parade…

Let’s show Philly that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that believe life is precious…

Make your most loving pro-life signs, wear your green hats and gloves and get ready to join us!!!

On March 10th starting at 16th and JFK at 11 am

Contact Pat Stanton at 2677184851
Or contact the Pro-life union of Philadelphia to find out when and where we will meet at mail@prolifeunion.org

SHARE with your pro-life buddies what an easy way to get involved!!!!”