Hospital is Starving Disabled Patient Vincent Lambert to Death Against His Parents’ Wishes

“In any other context, killing by starvation and dehydration is considered a crime against humanity,” Alexandra Snyder

By Steven Ertelt
Life News, International

After the family of a French disabled man lost another battle to try to stop a hospital from removing his food and water, doctors have begun starving Vincent Lambert to death.

Lambert’s family has been battling in court for years over his medical care. Medical experts say he breathes on his own and his organs are functioning normally. His mother, Viviane Lambert, said Vincent also “looks at me” and attempts to “vocalize at length.” But courts have ruled that University Hospital of Reims may remove his food and water against his parents’ wishes.

In 2008, Lambert was in a motorcycle accident that caused brain damage. In 2015, his wife petitioned the court to have all treatment and care ceased including food and water. His parents urged that their son be transferred to a rehabilitation center. Though his parents are fighting for his life, his wife and some other family members believe he has no quality of life and should be taken off food and water.

Now, pro-life attorneys from Life Legal Foundation tell LifeNews he’s being starved to death again.

France’s highest civil court today ruled that Vincent Lambert must die by starvation and dehydration. Vincent was nearly made dead last month, but at the eleventh hour, an appellate court ordered that his food and water be restored. Today’s order appears to be final, as Vincent’s parents have exhausted all of their legal remedies to keep their son alive.

As this goes to press, Vincent is being heavily sedated. Why? Because they know that death by starvation and dehydration is excruciating. Advocates for euthanizing Vincent say they want him to die with “dignity.” But there is nothing dignified about withholding food and water from a disabled person.

“In any other context, killing by starvation and dehydration is considered a crime against humanity,” said Life Legal Executive Director Alexandra Snyder. “Yet in France-as in the United States-we routinely impose this type of torturous death on individuals who are disabled. This has to stop. Disability should not be a death sentence.”

In 2015, according to the publication (a French newspaper printed in English), “Some of his friends and family who are against taking the man off life support uploaded a video to YouTube … that they claim shows Lambert responding to them.” Watch the video here.

Commenting on the case in 2018, Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said the case amounts to euthanasia.

“To intentionally kill a person by withdrawing fluids, when the person is not otherwise dying is euthanasia by dehydration since the person is directly and intentionally killed by dehydration,” Schadenberg said.

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