While the amendment failed to get the yes majority from Kansasans, many of those who went door to door to encourage people to vote had some takes on their firsthand accounts on voters being informed on the pro-life amendment. Here are two of those who were stepped into the breach.

Dana Stancavage, Students for Life Action Press Specialist and Online Editor: “We fought hard in Kansas against the disinformation being spread on Value Them Both, but our work is far from over. While we fully supported this amendment to pave the way for pro-life laws to be taken up by the legislature, we reflect on the many years it took for Roe to fall and know more work lies ahead for the Pro-Life Generation who have the grit and passion to defend preborn lives.”  

Gabby Lara, Students for Life Action KS Value Them Both Field Coordinator: “Despite the disappointing results, the dedication of our students all summer shows us that the pro-life generation is always ready to take action against abortion. We are ready to change culture in America by continuing to talk to our generation about this issue, one of the biggest injustices of our time. I couldn’t have been prouder to work with the Pro-Life Generation every single day.”

If you’re a high school or college student who wants to take part in deployments for Students for Life, visit here to sign up today.


The following below are the opening remarks made by Kristan Hawkins during the 2022 Pro-Life Summit held on Saturday, January 22nd in Washington, DC.

In 1776, British citizens gathered in Philadelphia to rebel against the most powerful empire our world had ever known…for their time had come to demand their freedom, their very right to self-govern….. And their Declaration changed the course of human history…”that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”

But after we won our independence as nation, our Founders failed to ensure everyone was free. And nearly 90 years later, our fight for freedom continued on through the abolition movement, a bloody Civil War, and then decades of marching in streets to ensure full citizenship for Black Americans. This was our second fight for freedom.

Friends, I believe it was no mistake as to why our founding fathers listed LIFE as the very first of those God-given rights in the Declaration of Independence…for without life, none of our other rights matter. Abortion advocates want to claim that they are defending the freedom of choice—what we call violence, they call a “woman’s right to choose.” But no one has a right to choose death for another innocent human being. The Founders understood that freedom can only survive within the constraints of justice. If a king, slaveholder, or even an abortion facility …. can take away a person’s life at will, then no one’s rights are truly secure. 

And when the protection of these rights become disordered, with one’s pursuit of happiness or liberty preceding another’s right to life – the result has always been the same devastation resulting in subjugation to a foreign crown, slavery for those of a different skin color, and, since 1973, death for those whose existence is an inconvenience. 

So, today, on this the 49th anniversary of handing down of the Roe v. Wade & Doe v. Bolton decisions, which together legalized abortion in all nine months of pregnancy, I propose to you that it us, our generation…each of us born after 1973 who all could have been aborted for the mere price of a playstation…who have been called to launch what will be the third and final fight for freedom in our nation. 

To end the predatory lies and violence of the abortion industry. 

To serve every woman and family in crisis on our campus and in our community with hope, love, and tangible support.

To protect every baby and their very first freedom…the right to be born, no matter their genetic code, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or circumstance of conception.

To ensure Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton never see their 50th anniversary.

To accomplish our full mission of making abortion unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime.

To finally make good on our Founders’ promise of a nation devoted to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for every citizen, without exception. No matter their age, size, location, development, or circumstance.

And as we anxiously, impatiently await the Supreme Court decision’s in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case this June, a decision that may very well throw Roe v. Wade  on to the ash heap of history, right where it belongs right alongside Dred Scott and Plessy, and launch the next legal phase of the anti-abortion movement from Washington, D.C. to every state capitol….

It’s time for us to work harder than we’ve ever worked before.

At Students for Life, I am proud to say that this Pro-Life Generation is a diverse army, that’s more than 1300 campuses and more than 100,000 supporters strong. Every day, you have the most mind-changing conversations with those most-directly targeted by the abortion industry’s create-a-customer business model. And every day, you ensure that no woman stands alone during her pregnancy or after the birth of her child.

But this morning, I’m asking you to do more.

Take out your phones right now and go to to share the TV commercial Students for Life is running nationwide to recruit new members, both young and old, to our army.

Next, be ready to call out the abortion lobby’s post Roe plan which is a radical and dangerous expansion of Chemical Abortion Pills that are not only deadly for preborn children with heartbeats but their mothers. They even want them to come right to your campus health center. So, write this website down,, for I need you to watch our brand-new social media docu-series on these threats and share the powerful and brutally honest testimonies of dozens of women harmed by these pills.

And finally, before you leave this Summit, go to to commit to your next steps after today. On this day, the49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I  pray you realize your future and take your place in this Final Fight for Freedom to become the first Post Roe Generation of Americans by continuing your work on your campuses to change minds and unjust policies but also go out into your community, through Students for Life’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, through our ground-breaking Standing With You Initiative, and or through our All Expense Paid for Activism Trips at Students for Life Action, to get door by door, church by church, or computer to phone to show America, to show her the non-violent resources that exist to help her see abortion as we do…unthinkable and help elect leaders who will stand with us to make it 

Our fathers ended their Declaration, their call for revolution saying it was “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor”. 

Men and Women, Friends and Allies, our Founders’ pledge is my pledge to you today…my honor, my fortune, and my life – to ensure millions of lives may one day be free to live. The Fight Fight for Freedom is here. It’s today. It’s now.  For there is no better cause in the world. And I’m All in…for Life.

Here’s a recap from the summit here.

Thousands of Students, Pro-Life Activists, Gather in Person and Virtually for “Post Roe” America

Over 2000 students from across the country made a long weekend in Washington, DC. Many were so happy at the moment when it was surreal to be “in person”. That came yesterday when they all gathered for the 2022 Pro-Life Summit. The theme of the conference was “All In for Life”, and it was no different as much anticipation is building for the reversal of the barbaric Supreme Court decision and a potential post-Roe America. It is fitting that the conference was held on the 49th anniversary of the controversial case casted down by 7 men on the Supreme Court bench.

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, delivered her opening remarks. Focusing on the inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence, Hawkins told the attendees that even the founder fathers knew that without the right to life “everything else does not matter”. She encouraged everyone to continue the fight for the unborn in their communities and state while gearing up for a post-Roe America while sending the original decision to the “ash heap of history”.

Former VP Mike Pence delivered the keynote address. In it, he shared first hand how he had to do something when he heard the news of Roe v Wade. Along with former second lady, Karen they both protected life through their public service career. For Pence, he began when he was elected to Congress in 2001 and he dedicated his first session to defunding Planned Parenthood. Since then, he has consistently been a voice for the voiceless.

““The left believes children are a burden. We believe that they are a gift from God.” Pence remarked. The crowd stood and cheer. He encouraged everyone to persevere in the fight for the unborn, never give up, and get it done.

The summit included a myriad of speakers representing the diverse strength of the movement. One in particular, Christina Bennett. Bennett shared how she “escaped death” by the hands of a medical butcher. She knew that she had a purpose in life that even her mother knew from the moment blood was on the floor and wasn’t cleaned up. Today, she is a writer for Live Action and continues to help defend African Americans from abortion.

Delivering the evening keynote was Michael Knowles, author of his namesake podcast and author of “Speechless”, shared that in 43 states it is legal to murder a baby in its first trimester, 40 states allow abortions beginning at 15 weeks, at 25 weeks a baby can be murdered in 29 states, . He shared that the end of Roe would mark a monumental victory for “an end to abortion forever”.

Pro-lifers, let’s make 2022 a monumental year, whether you are a student, working professional, parent, clergy, or whatever you’re vocation in life is, you can make a difference and be all in for life. Don’t be afraid. If Jesus has to make sacrifices, so can you.


With the annual dinner only weeks away, the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia is asking for you to sponsor a student or two to attend the dinner.

The cost is $50. The goal of the organization is to help students from grade school to grad school to be a part of this annual event and to be equipped with the tools to build a culture of life at their school.

For more information, please visit the link here.

Pro-Lifers Counter “Women’s March” Nationwide

September has been a tumultuous month for the debate on abortion. It all began with the Texas heartbeat taking effect on September 1st. Even the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the law citing the 10th amendment.

Later, a radical bill was passed by the House of Representatives that would reverse all pro-life laws passed on state level making abortion federal law.

As the potential of Roe v Wade case being reversed by the Supreme Court, with a hearing and arguments taking place in DC on December 1st, the flop of an event called “Women’s March took place in several cities across the United States on Saturday, October 2nd.

As always, college students and young adults assembled to counter the event. Here are some takeaways from several who were on the frontlines.

Grace Rykaczewski- Washington, DC

Students for Life had a strong showing in DC. Grace was one of the student activists present. She shared three takeaways:

  1. There was a shocking amount of aggression from pro abortion men towards pro-life women at a “WOMEN’S MARCH”. Ironic. I witnessed a man trying to grab a bull horn out of a young pro-life woman’s hands.
  2. They didn’t really call it the women’s march this year, they called it the rally for Abortion Justice which is so fitting because it has never been a “Women’s March” it’s always been a pro-abortion March. Since the very first one pro-life organizations, even pro-life feminist organizations were disinvited from the March. How can it be a women’s March if they disinvite half of women??
  3. It’s terrible that the women’s march completely ignores all other women’s issues. We didn’t see a single sign about women in Afghanistan, women being raped or the wage gap. Nothing. All abortion related signs and shirts.
  4. they held a prayer rally… the pro-aborts. Idk who they thought they were praying to but not my God…

Titus Folks

The big thing Titus witnessed while in Indianapolis is how the pro-aborts were not open to dialogue or understanding a view that is opposite to them. Him and along with seven high schools and colleges were at hand. Despite the wet weather and losing their voices from chanting, they were all present to give a voice to the voiceless.

For Mallory Finch of Charlotte, NC she was disappointed that these women have believed the lie being sold by our culture. The women of the Women’s March have boiled women’s rights down to abortion. They rebranded the Women’s March to be the Abortion Justice.

After talking to a few of the women (that actually had conversations and weren’t just yelling in my face) many of them really weren’t educated. Many of these women don’t know what abortion really is. Also many of these women aren’t aware of the other many things we do as prolifers. Some of the women were shocked when we started talking about Pregnancy Help Centers and our petitions for Paid Family Leave for Moms and Dads.

For Anna Gidish, President and Foundress of Lehigh Valley Pro-Life Future, she uses the opportunity to help pregnant women receive access to abortion alternatives. She shares:

“One woman stopped us before all the Women’s March protesters got there. (We decided to get there early and take their spot!) She angrily asked Maria and Olivia, if you have time to protest, why don’t you spend time giving real resources to women. Her tune changed after Maria and Olivia actually discussed Standing With You and our local pregnancy center. She was 5 months pregnant and her baby’s father just walked out on them recently. Maria was able to offer a blessing bag she had in her car from when she was outside Planned Parenthood the day before. The woman was so grateful for the resources. Whether she already intended to choose life before or not… I am not sure, BUT she did say that she believes it is in “providence” that she does choose life for her child! Another woman walked by and said she liked what we were doing during the counter-protest. I ran up to her and talked to her about the resources we offer in the community. She told me she was pregnant and the father wanted her to have an abortion. She said she didn’t want an abortion, though. I checked with her to see what she needed. She said she would reach out via Standing With You, if she needs help!”

Theses were just the many testimonies from the now of the pro-life movement. Some have diverse backgrounds, yet they have one goal: make abortion unthinkable because it hurts women.

To view photo galleries from Saturday’s counter demonstration around the country, click here

Abortion March Counter Demonstration Photo Gallery

Here are photos from several locations that were used with permission from those who were present.


As pro-lifers fight to Save the Hyde Amendment, Students for Life of America and Democrats for Life will tag team to hold rallies across the nation to convince elected officials to incline the life saving amendment in the new fiscal budget.

This Friday, July 9th, a rally will be held outside of Rep. Brendan Boyle’s office in Rhawnhurst section of Philadelphia. Rally begins at 11:00 am.

To rsvp for the event, visit here.


Students for Life of America has a myriad of positions open to advance the culture of life on campus and community.

Paid positions and internships are available.

Not only is working for Students for Life a sustainable career choice, but it will also push you to continuously engage in pro-life activism that advocates for women and saves preborn lives.

Vote for Students for Life to Receive National Pro-Life Award

The following is from an email blast sent out by Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America.

I am thrilled to share with you that Students for Life of America has been nominated for the National Prayer Luncheon for Life 2021 Award!

This award honors three exemplary pro-life organizations that are successfully countering and winning battles against the abortion industry.

This nomination comes with the opportunity to receive a $50,000 grant to continue our life-saving and mind-changing efforts on campuses and in communities throughout the nation!

The recipient pool has been narrowed down to five national organizations, and first, second, & third place awards will be decided by pro-lifers like YOU from across the country.

Mickey, will you please cast your vote for Students for Life?

It’s easy… just click here.

2022 National Pro-Life Summit To Be Held on Roe v Wade Anniversary in DC

The following is from Tina Whittington, the Vice President of Students for Life of America.

I need you to SAVE THE DATE for our 2022 National Pro-Life Summit in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

This one-day training event for grassroots pro-life activists of all ages saw a record-breaking crowd, selling out at over 3,400 attendees in January 2020.

As you know, we had to replace the 2021 National Pro-Life Summit with our National #Stand4Life Weekend that we hosted in 18 cities across the country and online with more than 63,000 pro-lifers joining us!

But today, I am thrilled to announce that the National Pro-Life Summit is BACK for 2022 and will be better than ever!

While we’ll be revealing the theme of the 2022 National Summit at a later date, what I can tell you right now is all the benefits of attending, like…

Explore and strengthen your personal calling for Life

Become energized to protect the preborn and their mothers

Learn how to engage in the culture more effectively

Strategize with other pro-life youth and adults from communities across the nation

Meet and hear from dozens of experts in the pro-life movement

More details are to come, but you can sign up here to stay in the loop about all Summit-related announcements and updates.

We will sell out again this year…so, trust me, you’ll want to be among the first to know when registration goes live.

I hope you’ll consider joining me, the rest of the Students for Life team, and 3,000+ of your closest pro-life friends in January!