These 23 Christian Colleges are Working with Planned Parenthood

Some schools, upon being made aware of Planned Parenthood’s presence via a formal letter from us, removed them promptly.

Mary Briganti, Director of Programs for Students for Life published a list of 23 Christian Colleges with ties to Planned Parenthood.

Just recently, Planned Parenthood released their latest annual report. The Abortion Goliath self-reported committing 354,871 abortions last year – which is 9,199 more babies they killed than previous year. Meanwhile, their adoption referrals plummeted by over 37% to just 2,667. That means for every one adoption referral, Planned Parenthood commits 133 abortions.

And that’s only counting the numbers on the report they published. We don’t really trust folks who prey on young women and end the lives of innocent preborn babies to give us the truth.

Given this most up-to-date information, Planned Parenthood’s efforts to buddy up to Christian colleges and universities is especially problematic. It should be a given that Christian schools keep away from America’s biggest abortion vendor. But it’s not the case.

At least 23 Christian colleges have developed friendly relationships with Planned Parenthood, with some even endorsing them as “a trusted resource.” But we know the truth. Planned Parenthood’s goal is to ensure Christian, college-age young adults do not bat an eyelash at (or worse, encourage) abortions.

Christian Colleges with Planned Parenthood Ties

  1. American University (D.C.), Methodist
  2. Augsburg University (MN), Lutheran
  3. Augustana College (IL), Lutheran
  4. California Lutheran University (CA), Lutheran
  5. Drury University (MO), United Church of Christ
  6. Eckerd College (FL), Presbyterian Church (USA)
  7. Emory University (GA), Methodist Episcopal
  8. Fordham University (NY), Catholic
  9. Luther College (IA), Lutheran
  10. Macalester College (MN), Presbyterian Church (USA)
  11. McKendree University (IL), United Methodist
  12. New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NJ)
  13. Ohio Wesleyan (OH), United Methodist
  14. Oklahoma City University (OK), United Methodist
  15. Paine College (GA), Methodist
  16. Roanoke College (VA), Lutheran
  17. Saint Joseph’s University (PA), Catholic
  18. Saint Norbert College (WI), Catholic
  19. Southwestern University (TX), United Methodist
  20. Trinity Washington University (D.C.), Catholic
  21. University of Indianapolis (IN), United Methodist
  22. University of Lynchburg (VA), Disciples of Christ
  23. West Virginia Wesleyan (WV), United Methodist

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DC Police Arrested Just 4 People During Riots, But Arrest Two Pro-Life Students for Chalking “Black Pre-born Lives Matter”

Both advocacy groups sent letter on July 20 to Mayor Muriel Bowser requesting permission to paint the words “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter”


The following news article was authored by Mary Margaret Olohan of The Daily Caller.  It’s been republished by Life News.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested four people for defacing property throughout almost two months of rioting in the District of Columbia, but arrested two pro-lifers for writing “black pre-born lives matter” in chalk Saturday.

MPD spokeswoman Alaina Gertz confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation Monday that only four people had been arrested for defacing private/public property during protests and riots in late May, June and most of July — numbers reflected in the MPD’s “Unrest-Related Arrest Data” between May 30 and July 17.

According to the dataset: “An arrest was considered ‘unrest-related’ if it was a curfew violation where a person refused to return home despite receiving a warning, and/or if the person committed another arrestable offense in a public space or due to unlawful entry of a private space, co-located with or near in time or place to demonstrations going on in the city at the time, and appearing clearly or likely linked to the civil unrest in the city.”

The four people arrested for defacing property, according to MPD data, were 24-year-old Henry Chen, arrested May 30, 18-year-old Raphael Snead, arrested May 31, 18-year-old Kayla Cureton, arrested June 8, and 27-year-old Tayvon Turner, arrested July 7.

MPD then arrested two members of the Students for Life of America group Saturday morning for chalking pro-life sentiments, including the slogan “Preborn Black Lives Matter,” on the road in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Gertz told the DCNF that the Students for Life members were arrested for “defacing of private/public property” and were later “both citation released.”

Police arrested both 29-year-old Warner DePriest, a strategic partnerships advisor to the group, and 22-year-old student leader Erica Caporaletti, Students for Life spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick told the DCNF. Hamrick said that six police cars were waiting at the clinic when the pro-lifers arrived.

“The fact that two Students for Life of America students were arrested for chalking BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER shows that government officials are practicing viewpoint discrimination to unconstitutionally block pro-life American’s Free Speech rights,” Students for Life Executive Director Kristan Hawkins told the DCNF. “If you open the door to free speech on the city streets to one group, you can’t shut it to others.”

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Stop Mail Order Abortions: Sign Petition to DHS

Just imagine how many innocent little preborn boys and girls will be lost if they succeed in making abortions as easy as ordering something from Amazon.

abortion pills

Below is an appeal from Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life to sign a petition concerning mail order abortions 

Mail Order Abortions

For years, the Abortion Lobby has been trying to figure out how they can scale up their abortion business so they can rake in even more profits. Now the coronavirus crisis has given them the perfect excuse to push for mail-order abortion pills.

My goal is to deliver at least 10,000 signed petitions to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn insisting they don’t cave into Planned Parenthood’s demands to “relax” restrictions on the abortion pill.

As I write you, pro-abortion state attorneys general are threatening HHS and FDA to loosen federal regulations on mail-order abortions.

Through online and social media advertising, the Abortion Lobby has been tricking young girls into thinking that getting an abortion is as easy as taking an aspirin for a headache.

They know if they can mass market mail-order abortion pills to vulnerable young girls, the number of abortions will skyrocket.

That means more Lamborghinis for Planned Parenthood execs.

Just imagine how many innocent little preborn boys and girls will be lost if they succeed in making abortion as easy as ordering something from Amazon.

Will you please click here to sign your “NO MAIL-ORDER ABORTIONS” Petition right away?

As I mentioned, the Abortion Lobby is trying to exploit the current health crisis to scale up their abortion business online through mail-order abortions.

They’re running an all-out campaign to pressure HHS Secretary Alex Azar and FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn into allowing them to market abortion pills to vulnerable young girls online.

It’s up to you and me to counter them by being a voice for the voiceless.

The more signed petitions we send Secretary Alex Azar and Dr. Stephen Hahn, the better chance we have at stopping mail-order abortions from become the new normal in America.

So, after you sign your petition, please do two more favors for me:

FIRST, forward this email to your pro-life family and friends asking them to sign their name as well. The more signatures I can gather, the more pressure you and I can put on Washington, D.C.

SECOND, please also consider contributing to Students for Life right away. Your gift of $100, $50, $25, $10, or whatever you can afford today will help me continue our life-saving programs.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
Kristan Hawkins
President Students for Life



High School Denies Student’s Request to Start Pro-Life Club, But Allows Animal Rights Group


It [Gulf Coast High School] recognizes the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Animal Rights Club, the Gay Straight Alliance, and Collier Students for Change, which is affiliated with the Florida Democratic Party, as school clubs.

Below is a report from Micaiah Bilger, Life News about a battle between a Florida High School and a student-led pro-life club.  

A Florida student is fighting for her legal right to begin a pro-life club at her high school this week. Gabrielle Gabbard applied to start a pro-life club, Sharks 4 Life, in August at Gulf Coast High School, but was refused, according to Alliance Defending Freedom, the pro-life legal group that is representing her. The club would be affiliated with Students for Life of America, which has more than 1,200 student clubs across the country.

On Thursday, ADF sent a letter to the Florida school explaining that Gabbard has a right to form the student organization under the federal Equal Access Act.

According to ADF, the school claimed Gabbard’s club would be too “political” and “controversial” — even though it recognizes the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Animal Rights Club, the Gay Straight Alliance, and Collier Students for Change, which is affiliated with the Florida Democratic Party, as school clubs.

“The First Amendment doesn’t permit a public school to play favorites when approving student organizations. Gulf Coast High School must recognize Sharks 4 Life, and Collier County Public Schools needs to update its policies so that this doesn’t happen again,” said ADF Legal Counsel Michael Ross.

According to the legal group, Assistant Principal Catherine Crawford-Brown refused to recognize the club during a meeting with Gabbard and one of her faculty advisors. They said Crawford-Brown also threatened to fire the advisor unless she withdrew her offer to be the club advisor.

“Crawford-Brown made these remarks even though she knew that the club needed a faculty advisor to be approved. Because of these remarks, both of the faculty advisors promptly withdrew as faculty advisors for the club,” according to ADF.

Their letter asks the school district to revise its policy by Nov. 21 to specify that its schools will consider requests for new student clubs in a timely manner and will not discriminate against the club because of its religion, politics, philosophy or other beliefs.
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Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said students increasingly are facing hostility because of their pro-life position.

“Across the country, we are seeing incredible opposition to the pro-life speech of our student leaders and volunteers as they speak for the defenseless and educate their fellow students on abortion,” Hawkins said. “But the law and the Constitution are clear on the matter: Public schools cannot single out pro-life groups for exclusion from recognition. Officials in Collier County need to do the right thing and do it quickly

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Students For Life of America Leadership Summit Draws High School and College Students

Villanova University is where one of the oldest pro-life college groups that ever started at the beginning of the movement. On Saturday, February 16th, the campus would host 50 students that represented various high school and colleges in the Philadelphia area.

The day began with a welcome from Liana Hollendonner, the Students for Life of America regional coordinator for the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

She opens with a reminder to those in attendance to remember to be bold and courageous on their campuses.  Reflecting on Martin Luther King’ legacy, pro-lifers are called to share the message of abortion with controversy and be bold in their convictions.

“The best approach when dialoguing with others is to find common ground and share stories.”


A student panel followed the opening address, which included Dominic Sceski (Villanova), Karly Brown and Sean Harney (Temple), and Mike Prieto, (Bishop Shanahan High School).

Temple students Karly Brown and Sean Harney shared how they countered Planned Parenthood workers who showed up on campus by drawing confusion with the signature pink colors of the organization and handing out information dispelling the common myths of the organization.

Mike Prieto of Bishop Shanahan High School, which won the national award from Students for Life of America (see article here: Bishop Shanahan Wins National Award) He acknowledges how Planned Parenthood never shows up to school giving its Catholic setting. It pays off. Every 1st Saturday the group participates in the vigil outside of the Planned Parenthood in West Chester and they notice how not many of their peers enter the facility while they are praying.

Dominic Sceski is a part of a family dynasty with his older brothers (Blaise and Colin) who were active in the pro-life group at Villanova. He reminds those gathered to communicate truth better and not get too confrontational.

There was even time for breakout sessions. The speakers included Dr. Monique Ruberu, Dan Bartkowiak, Brooke McDowell, and Sarah Portis.


Dan Bartkowiak from the Pennsylvania Family Institute and Council shared about the progress being made in promoting the culture of life in the state. Reflecting on the episode of Gosnell, he reminded those gathered that we must keep holding state officials accountable.  Since 1973, 2 million babies will be aborted in the state. Much work has to be done. Even the state passed a law to protect children with down syndrome. It is yet to be signed by pro-abort Governor Tom Wolf.


Dr. Monique Ruberu took time to address the importance of being the hands and feet of God when outside of abortion facilities in our community. She shared a story of how a woman saw a sign promoting the abortion pill reversal hotline and it would soon help her choose life for a precious girl she gave birth to around the Christmas season. Despite the poverty she was in, Monique and several women got together and threw her a baby shower. She was showered with love.


The final speaker was a colleague and friend of Liana named Stephanie Schmitt. Like Liana, she works for Students for Life as the regional coordinator of the capital area, which includes Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Schmitt took time to encourage the students to be more involved and ready to respond if Planned Parenthood and other abortion-rights groups enter their campus with a rapid response. Some helpful tips were: record any acts of vandalism, writing letters to the editor, hosting drives for diaper collections, and tabling to recruit more members. She used examples of how students countered sex week on one campus by reminding them of pregnancy resources and the hotline if women become victims of sexual assaults.

The students were energized and ready to take on the abortion lobby should they set foot on their campus.

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