We Need Your Help to Defeat the NJ Reproductive Freedom Act

New Jersey pro-life warriors are urged to join New Jersey Right to Life on Wednesday, December 2nd for a Day of Outrage to help defeat the  Reproductive Freedom Act being pushed by pro-abortionists.  Please see information below from Mare Tasy, Executive Director for New Jersey Right to Life. 

Pro-abortion sponsors of the NJ Reproductive Freedom Act (S3030/A4848) are aggressively pushing for swift passage of the bill.  Since my last email, more Senators and Assembly Members have signed on as co-sponsors.

Our November 11 Protests were a huge success.  We are now planning our next Day of Outrage on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 and ask you to please attend one or more of these protests, if possible. Please share this information with 10 friends and ask them to share it with 10 more friends. Some signs will be provided.  Please also bring your own hand-made signs.

10 a.m. to 12 p.m. – Essex County
 Assemblywoman Mila Jasey’s office (Primary Sponsor of bill)
Location:  511 Valley Street
Maplewood, NJ  07040

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Monmouth County
Senator Vin Gopal and Assemblywoman Joann Downey’s office (Senator Gopal is a co-sponsor and member of the Senate Health Committee and Asw. Downey is a prime sponsor)
Location:  35 West Main Street
Freehold, NJ  07728

1 p.m. to 3 p.m. – Atlantic County
Assemblyman John Armato and Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo (Asw. Armato is on the Assembly Health Committee and Asm. Mazzeo signed on recently
as a co-sponsor)
Location:  2312 New Road, Suite 101 and 102,
Northfield, NJ  08225

Please also contact your State Senator and two Assembly members to oppose the bill. We have updated our Action Alert to reflect all the sponsors of the Act.  You can take action and view all the sponsors by going to the link below:

Action Needed to Oppose the NJ Reproductive Freedom Act (S3030/A4848)

Also call, email and mail letters via postal mail to Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin urging them NOT to post S3030/A4848.
Their address and phone numbers are listed below:

Senator Stephen Sweeney
935 Kings Highway, Ste. 400
West Deptford, NJ  08086
Phone:  856 251-9801
Email:  SenSweeney@njleg.org

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin
569 Rahway Avenue
Woodbridge, NJ  07095
Phone:  (732) 855-7441
Email:  AsmCoughlin@njleg.org

Generation Life’s Virtual Fundraiser/Auction

Generation Life & the Pro-Life Educational Foundation invite you to attend our FIRST EVER Virtual Pro-Life Christmas Party & Auction!

Your participation in this unprecedented event will not only support the dignity of life in these vulnerable times, but light a candle of hope for the future of the Pro-Life Movement in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Virtual Pro-Life Christmas Party 
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Saturday, December 12, 2020
7pm EST Live & Silent Auctions This VIRTUAL event will take place entirely online at

R.S.V.P Online HERE
To participate in the auctions you must R.S.V.P. AND register your MOBILE phone. (Does not require a smart phone; any cell phone will work for registration!)

Your credit card credentials are secured to ensure you are able to bid when the silent auction opens on Thursday, December 10, at 7pm. You will receive a PIN via text message to enter on the registration page.

Watch & bid from any device on December 12!
 If you have any questions, call: 
(215) 885-8760 ext. 4 An at-will donation of $85 is requested upon registration. Because this event is entirely VIRTUAL, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Support Pro-Life Charities this #GivingTuesday December 1st

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner as many organizations are always asking people to make a contribution to their organizations before the year draws to a close.

In the midst of the busy shopping season, let us not forget our local and national groups that promote the culture of life near us and beyond. Here are just a few organizations to support:

  1. Pro-Life Unmion of Greater Philadelphia

Since its inception in 1971, the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia has reached millions in the City of Brotherly Love and its surrounding suburbs. They hope to continue its work laid out by its late founder, John Stanton. You may donate to them here

2. Generation Life

Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, Generation Life has been preaching the pro-life and chastity messages to hundreds of thousand young people nationwide. Despite the plandemic, the small group has continue to give talks on chastity and pro-life messages on the virtual realm. Donate to them here.

3. Hope Pregnancy Center

Located 2/3 of a mile from Temple University, Hope Pregnancy, led by Marlene Downing, continues to help the vulnerable in the heart of our city. They have seen an increase in clients and hope to meet the needs of the recurring and new clients in the heart of Philadelphia. Make your donation here.

4. The Culture Project

Founded in 2014, the Culture Project has reached the masses at every corner in the United States and beyond through in person presentations and event virtually during the plandemic. They currently have missionaries in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, Toledo, and Pittsburgh. Make a donation here.

5. Legacy of Life

Legacy of Life has two centers across from Planned Parenthood facilities and has seen an uptick in clients because of women choosing life through the presence of pro-lifers. Donate to their cause here.

6. Alpha Pregnancy Center

Alpha Pregnancy has been in Philadelphia area for 40 years. They recently opened a center next door to the former House of Horrors in the Manuta section of Philadelphia. Learn how you can support them here.

7. Guiding Star Ministries

A program adopted by the PLU of Greater Philadelphia, Guiding Star Ministries helps pregnant moms develop life skills that will help them through their life. Donate today to help them reach women in their time of great need.

8. St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation

Located in Overbrook, the foundation promotes the pro-life message while also helping Catholics heal from spiritual and mental trauma brought about from divorce. If you are a Catholic who went through this life-changing experience and in need of healing, visit them here.

Support Pro-Life Businesses This Christmas Season

It’s that time of the year again as we rush through the malls, shopping center, or we do everything with a click on many online retailers.


The title speaks for itself. We have small businesses that help your community thriving. It implies with the pro-life movement. Some pro-lifers have businesses that would love your patronage this Christmas.

Mallory FinchShop the Pink Rose

Picture a young girl that discovers her talent of crafting jewelry at the age of eleven. That was the case for this artisan from North Carolina and a pro-life stalwart. You can see her site here


Looking for clothing that does not give to Planned Parenthood? That was a discussion one family had at the dinner table. Culture of Life 1972 has exploded to the scene for nearly two years and have everything from dresses, gym bags shirts, and even hoorags. Check out their selections and shop now here.

Life Dress

A college student in Las Vegas dreamed of using her talents to cultivate the pro-life message in fashion. Hence, she started Life Dress. Check out the formal wear with a twist here.

These are just the many of pro-life shops to support during your Christmas shopping. Check a past blog post if you’re eager to learn about more small businesses to shop for this Christmas season.

Christmas Caroling To Be Held Outside of Center City Planned Parenthood

Across the nation, many pro-lifers will sing Christmas Carols outside of abortion facilities.

Philly pro-lifers will be doing that on Saturday, December 19th outside of Planned Parenthood (1144 Locust Street) at 10AM.

All are welcome. Shower singers, sopranos, choir, and even bad car singing are welcome to spread Christmas Cheer in front of the dark place in the heart of Philadelphia.

Purchase The Catholic Moms Bundle

Help support small business this Christmas. Note that timing is critical.

A group of small business owning moms come together every year to offer this deal. I’m one of them! All of these resources are available to download instantly!
The deal expires tonight at midnight!
Track feast days and liturgical seasons with “2020-2021 illustrated Wall Calendar for Everyday Catholics” by Arma Dei
Create a faith-filled Advent for young kids with “Advent Activity Guide” from My Little Patron
Engage elementary schoolers with “Advent Saints Word Puzzle Bundle” from The Kennedy Adventures
Focus on your whole-person health with “An Advent Wellness Journal “by Catholic Fit Moms for Life
Explore the Sacraments with “Catholic Paper Doll Lapbooks” from To Jesus, Sincerely
Reignite your prayer life with “Catholic Prayer Journal Bundle” from Catholic Mom Vibes
Reconnect with your husband with “Dating in Marriage Bundle” from Surprised by Marriage
Playfully study the Saints with “December Saint Trading Cards and Coloring Pages” from Catholic Paper Goods
Enter the lives of the Saints with “December Saints for Young Children” by Rebecca Gorzynska and Colleen Pressprich
Learn to share the faith with “Evangelization and Catechesis Bundle” from Say Yes to Holiness
Refresh your mind, marriage, and spirit with “Exceptional Parenting Bundle” from Not So Formulaic
Plan your homeschooling with “Homeschool & Day Planner 2020-2021” from Classically Homeschooling
Decorate through the seasons with “Liturgical Year Prints” from The Washington Homestead
Journey through the Bible with “Our Family’s Jesse Tree” from Faith and Fabric AND MORE

Tell Archbishop Gomez: Deny Biden The Eucharist NOW and ENFORCE CANON 915!

The following is deom Judie Brown of the American Life League. You are asked to hold our clergy accountable when it comes to enforcing church teachings.

Following a week of criticism from American Life League and a tidal wave of pro-life Catholic shock and outrage,  Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles was forced to backtrack on his comments applauding Abortion Joe Biden for an election he hasn’t won yet. 

Just one week ago, Gomez was effusive in his praise for Biden.  Yet this week, are we suddenly to believe that Gomez and the entire bureaucracy at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) suddenly had a change of heart?

Here’s a wild idea.

If Gomez and the USCCB are serious, then deny Biden the Eucharist now under Canon 915, demand that every Catholic bishop concur, and make that demand public.

Joe Biden has spent the last 47 years of his political career cheerleading the abortion industry.  Biden has already pledged to maximize federal taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood — the nation’s #1 abortion chain.

Gomez and others make the mistake of conflating abortion with other political issues.  Abortion is not an issue, it is an act that kills a member of the human family.  Abortion doesn’t require a “working group” — what we need are bishops and priests willing to stand by the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church for a change!

My question to you is this. 

Should the Catholic bishops protect the Eucharist from pro-abortion politicians such as Joe Biden and enforce Canon 915??

If your answer to this is an emphatic YES, I need to hear from you right now with your maximum gift of $500, $250 or even $100 right away.

Most faithful Catholic bishops are fed up with their own bureaucracy.  They are sick and tired of being told that saving babies is a “diverse and complex” issue when nothing further could be from the truth.  

Your gift of $35, $55, $75 or even $100 or $250 right now helps me take the fight directly to these feckless bureaucrats holding our Catholic bishops hostage with lies. 

Saving babies is easy.  Doing the right thing doesn’t require hesitation.

If the Catholic bishops will not defend the Eucharist, then what willthey defend?  

Getting Gomez to hear our voices was the easy part.  More Catholic bishops need to hear it loud and clear.

Tell the Catholic bishops.  If they’re serious about their “concerns” over Biden’s 47-year long pro-abortion record?  ENFORCE CANON 915.

This is our moment. 

How Do We Build a Pro-Life Culture Among Youth?

What the pro-life movement needs is younger people to become involved, and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation has a very good suggestion in the post below.  

We need to provide opportunities to learn, to think critically, to articulate facts, to argue persuasively, and to defend the truth about the sanctity of every human life. Our Essay Contest is an excellent way to do that! We invite all students in Grades 7-12 who are attending any school in PA, including homeschool, to enter our contest. Winning entries are awarded cash prizes and publication, but all students win by being a voice for life!

Click on this link for details!


Declining Birth Rates Linked to Secularization and Growing Hostility Toward Religion

“There is a close correlation between a fertility rate of a particular society or nation and the level of religious involvement or participation in that society.”

Brandon Showalter is a reporter for the Christian Post. His article connects the dots between the precipitous worldwide decline of birthrates, namely human secularism and hostility toward religion.

Declining fertility rates have a significant correlation with increased secularization, according to Baylor University professor Philip Jenkins.

In a Regent College (Vancouver, British Columbia) live-stream titled “Fertility and Faith: A Conversation with Philip Jenkins,” the Baylor University professor of history and co-director of the program on historical studies of religion, explained Thursday that demography derives from changes in religious belief.

Much of modern Africa tends to be devoutly religious and they also happen to have high fertility rates, Jenkins said. By contrast, the lower a population’s fertility rate the greater the likelihood it is for people to separate from faith communities and religious institutions. The fertility rate, then, serves as an insightful window into how societies around the world become more secularized.

We measure change in a society through fertility,” Jenkins said.

“There is a close correlation between a fertility rate of a particular society or nation and the level of religious involvement or participation in that society.”

Amid the relatively recent collapse in fertility rates around the world, especially in Europe, secularization is rising. Jenkins noted that if you told him the fertility rate of any given country it would be fairly easy to say whether that nation allows legal same-sex unions, surmise its attitudes toward faith and religion, and how strong its religious institutions are.

While this correlation is not brought about by simple causation, the link is nevertheless demonstrably present, he stressed.

In the 1960s, the fertility rate in Denmark began to drop below replacement level as the country became more secular. Meanwhile, in the sub-Saharan African country of Uganda, the average woman had five children and religious belief was strong. This pattern holds true across the world with a notable few that seem to buck the trend.

“You might argue that as you take children out of the picture there are far fewer links connecting families and people to institutions. … Take children out of the religious picture and see what happens,” he said.

Or, he posited, it could be the reverse. That as people become more secular in their thinking they forego the charge to “be fruitful and multiply.”

Whichever comes first, these changes are happening rapidly. In Italy, the collapse of the fertility rate and the slide toward rampant secularization has happened within a decade, he noted.

Low-fertility societies are more likely to be hostile to religion, Jenkins added. The key factor in this phenomenon is the institutions.

“Once you separate the idea of family, once you separate sexuality and reproduction, people become a lot less willing to have churches or religious institutions tell them what to do with their personal lives,” he said.

When these religiously-informed ethics break down, political campaigns subsequently arise to legalize or permit by referendums such things as abortion or euthanasia. A low-fertility, secularized society is more inhospitable to efforts of churches and religious institutions to push back, and are often prone to believing the worst charges about faith-based organizations and institutions, he explained.

Jenkins went on to describe how one of the largest shifts in consciousness in his lifetime was from the belief that there was going to be a population explosion. What happened was the reverse.

“To put it crudely, we have lost 2 billion people since then [the 1970s] from what was projected versus what we’ve actually got,” he said. “This is happening because so many people in Latin American and Asia gave up having traditional ‘third world’ population growth rates and suddenly became Danish.”

Christian Post continues

Annual Mass of Remembrance for Our Deceased Pro-Life Friends to be Celebrated on Nov 30th in Newtown Square, Pa.

Towards the end of the year we have two memorial Masses in Southeast Pennsylvania.  One the end of November to remember the souls of our pro-life brothers and sisters who have preceded us in death, and one on the Feast of the Holy Innocents to remember the innocent preborn who were killed by abortion.  Below is information from Jack and Pat O’Brien, long-time leaders in the SE Pennsylvania pro-life movement on the  November Memorial Mass. 

Memorial Mass Rose

You are invited to a very special celebration of Mass, different in the dedication for whom this Mass is offered.

Since, one year ago, our family in heaven has increased as God has called in more Saints, workers in this field of Pro-Life mission. This yearly Memorial has two effects.  The grace that comes through the Gift of the Eucharist is ours, the Prayer of the Mass reaches those souls in God’s hands as smiling babies shout in joy as each new name is called.

Elizabeth Andrews, Lee Brown, Frank Callaghan, Joe Cunnane, George Farrelly, U. S. Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, Joan Gail, Jack Klotz, JoAnn Marshall, Tony McGinley, Sister Marie Paschal, IHM, Fred Porter, Rosemary Porter, Claire Prendergast, Fran Rafferty, Maria Schubert, Bob Siter, Bill Wohlgemuth, Jeannette Wynn, Maryann Yorina, Lillian Young

This is likely to be the happiest Memorial Mass you have ever attended.

We have physically parted from dear friends, natural family members, co-workers, soldiers in the fray and parting can be mournful. Yes, the human loss is sad. But, the tribute to their lives never ends.

So therefore, you are requested to come to St. Anastasia Church on Monday, November 30, at 8:00 p.m.   Join in this holy, sacred, celebration for all of our past and most current People of Life pleading for God’s Kingdom and Will be done.