Post-Abortion Healing Retreat to be Held in Belton, Texas

Texas Post Abortion Retreat

from Pro-Life Waco

This is a life changing opportunity. Rachel’s Vineyard was created in 1995 by Theresa (a psychologist) and Kevin Burke.

Who will benefit from these retreats? Moms, of course. Also, dads, grandparents and anyone who helped a mom obtain an abortion. Have you thought about being a part of a weekend retreat? Say yes and bless yourself and your family.

For more information or to register,  contact Lovette Vassar  by phone at 254-702-6723 or via email at

Save the Dates! Annual Rummage Sale to Benefit Pregnancy Help Centers in Bucks County, Pa is Back!




The Respect Life Ministries of both Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Guadalupe parishes located in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania will once again host their annual Rummage this August.  This year the sale will take place in the Parish Center of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. 

Sale dates are Friday, August 20th from 9:00 – 6:00 pm and Saturday, August 21st from 9:00 – 12:00 noon.   Saturday is half-price day!  

Volunteers needed! – If you are able to help in any way before, during or after this sale, please contact Mary @  (Please see flyer below for more information.)

All proceeds benefit Pregnancy Help Centers in and around Bucks County.  


Let us Honor our Aborted Brothers and Sisters by Flying the American Flag on August 3rd

Pro-Life Waco has long been a leader in innovative ways to expose the evil of abortion to the general public.  Below is another way in which we can participate right from our own homes! Let’s all fly our flags (half-mast if possible) on the 3rd of August and the third each month to remember the souls of those babies who have been killed thought the terrible act of abortion. 

And let us pray for healing for the mothers and families of these children.  Thank you to John Pisciotta and Pro-Life Waco for providing us with another outreach we can employ to end the genocide of God’s precious little ones.




We will fly American flags on the third day of each month in the Greater Waco area to honor lives lost to abortion. An American tradition is to fly the flag, half-staff if possible, to honor the dead. Who deserves this honor more than innocent babies brutally attacked in abortions?

My hometown is one of eight abortion cities in Texas. Pro-Life Waco combats this holocaust with every tool we can devise. The latest is flying the American flag.
Flags flying on an unexpected day will generate interest and curiosity. Our allies and opponents will eventually find out that the flags honor babies killed in abortions. This will be effective public square outreach. We must never let our neighbors forget that they live near an abortion holocaust center.

The inaugural day for flying the American flag in Central Texas will be Tuesday, August 3. We chose the third of each month because abortion returned to Waco (after a one-year suspension) on March 3, 2021 at the Planned Parenthood abortuary.

We appeal to residents, churches, and businesses to fly their flags on August 3, and every 3rd day of the month, until the killing stops in Waco. I would appreciate your letting me know that you will participate.

Please share this to your friends. If you have any suggestions for making this new outreach successful, please send me an email at

Special Books by Special Kids

“We’ve had messages telling me that he should be killed…that I should have never had him in the first place…that he’s a drain on society…I think Harry’s purpose is just to show people the beauty of a soul.”

This is a statement of a mom of a child with Goldenhar syndrome and autism.  She is one of hundreds of people interviewed by Chris Ulmer for his non-profit organization, Special Books by Special Kids.

Special Books by Special Kids is an organization whose goal is inclusion for everyone – specifically the disabled and special needs.  It started with a classroom teacher who wanted to connect with his students with various disabilities including autism, traumatic brain injury and speech apraxia.  The teacher, Chris Ulmer, later went onto filming children with disabilities and their families and posting the videos on You Tube and Facebook.  He engages with these kids as just kids and they respond to this.  He and they wanted to teach us all what true inclusion looks like.

Some of the stories are heartbreaking as I put myself in the place of these parents.  But every single video I have viewed shows parents and/or guardians that are more than up to the task and in fact, are thankful for the blessing of being able to care for these children.

Honestly, it is one of the most uplifting sites on Facebook.  These videos reinforce the fact that all life is precious and that we should not devalue any life.  In fact, one of the participants in this video project who was born with a large facial birthmark states that nothing is wrong with her – she is just different.  Another child with disfiguring scars from a house fire states “I think every human in this world has worth and interest and value.” 

Please consider viewing the website and the Facebook page.  Chris Ulmer’s enthusiasm as he talks to and plays with these children is so hopeful and encouraging.  And these parents (biological or adoptive) are determined advocates for acceptance and inclusion, and believe their families are richer for having these children in their midst.


Some things to keep in mind when planning your trip:

  1. Keep checking the March for Life Foundation’s website for event before, during, and after the March for Life
  2. Plan ahead to book your hotel before all rooms are filled whether traveling alone or with a small or large group
  3. Local pro-lifers invite to pray outside of DC Planned Parenthood the morning of the march and the next day from 9AM to noon
  4. There are two conferences if traveling with your college or high school group. One is hosted by Students for Life of America and another to be hosted by Georgetown Right to Life. More information will be available at a later time when released.

Don’t forget to start planning to attend the annual event. More details will be passed on as it becomes available.

In the meantime, read about my experience from January 2021.

Group Tour – Legacy of Life

Greetings ProLife Friends!

The Legacy of Life Foundation on-site tour is back and we would love it if you joined us on Thursday, July 22, at  6 pm at our Bucks County location! It has been a long road since March 2020 when the entire world went on lock-down and we are so excited to be able to have you and new guests come for a tour.  Bring a prolife friend!  Bring that person who might not really know what the Legacy of Life Foundation does.  You will meet staff, visit our new building and hear all about what is new with us!    Please  join us in spreading the message of the Legacy of Life Foundation 
so we can save lives and transform families together! On-site tour of our Bucks County location July 22 at 6 PM  Please register by email or call Keriann 215-788-4051 ✧ 

*Address will be given upon registration*

Pro-Lifers Rally For Unborn Freedom

Pro-Lifers can peacefully march in the cold and as a test to their character they can even do the same in the scorching heat.

400 pro-lifers across the Greater Philadelphia area were in attendance for the summer rally. The day began with Mass at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. In his greeting and homily, Father Dennis Gill reminded the faithful gathered to continue to pray for the defense of human life, especially in its most vulnerable stage. He also reminded them that the Blessed Mother is with them and interceding with them as they continue to take a bold stand against the greater destroyer of life in society, abortion.

After mass ended, the faithful peacefully processed down to Planned Parenthood located at 12th and Locust. They were people shaking heads in disgust, high-fiving three lone escorts, and even honks for death.

The speakers took time to address authentic womanhood, the need for pro-lifers to be present, what we are really fighting when present outside of abortion facilities, and to be a peaceful vessel of God’s grace through our presences and prayers.

See our photo gallery here.

Help Berks County Make This Friday’s National Bridges Day Another Success

Friday, July 16th is National Bridges Day and Pro-Life Berks is looking for people to join them to make this another successful day.  Information is provided below on when, where and time of this event.  Picture below is from their 2018 National Bridges Day.

Berks Bridges Day

from Kathy Kuhns 

Dear Pro-Life Friends,  We need you on Friday, July 16th, 4 to 6 PM, to help make our local National Pro-Life Bridge Day another great event.

See flyer below for details, but mainly all you need to do is to be there.  You can bring flags, signs and chairs if you like.  We have several large pro-life  banners so we are highly visible and always get a great response from the cars and trucks as they pass under us.  #422 is VERY busy.
It’s fun and quite safe.  Parking is at Kissinger Church.
If you need a ride, let us know.  Also, bring your friends and family, even if they can’t stay the entire time.
Directions.  We are just down from the movie theatre on Berkshire Blvd, in Wyomissing and parking is on the other side of the overpass.
  Let’s make this the best effort to get out our pro-life message to our community.


Yes, Sister, Pro-life People are Pro-Birth, but we are so Much More!

pro birth (2)

From time to time, I come across this picture of a nun chastising pro-lifers for only be ‘pro-birth’.  I’m not sure if this nun is real or if she actually said what is on the meme; however, I’d like to respond.

Yes, Sister, pro-life people are pro-birth, but we are so much more!  Have you ever visited a Pregnancy Help Center or one of the many Maternity Homes across the country for women who are looking for help with a crisis pregnancy?   Guess who opened and maintain these places?  That’s right, the very ‘pro-birth’ people who stand outside of abortion chambers praying and offering help who you criticize.  And you’d be surprised at all the programs set up for these women to help them through their pregnancies, again provided and funded by pro-life warriors.

I’m sure if you called one of these places, Sister, they’d be glad to give you a tour.  And maybe the next time I see a meme of you, you’ll be singing the praises of the very people you vilified.




If you or someone you know is suffering after abortion, confidential non-judgmental help is available.  Call Project Rachel’s national toll-free number 888-456-HOPE (4673) or visit